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A Dire Wraith knows no fear... only its absence. The Absence is a being of great power and not entirely clear origin. Walking between the worlds, this spectral Wraith-like being holds great command and power of the Wraith Sorcerers as well as responsibility for slaying countless Space Knights. Despite his great power however, he is ultimately subservient to the Presence.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

The Absence had sacrificed much to become himself and gain his powers. By his own admission, he lived only to replace absence with Presence. Asymmetric Warfare When the Wraiths went to war with the Solstar Order, the Absence became a rumour whispered among the order of Space Knights throughout the ages. He had slain Space Knights across countless planets in the galaxy and slain the Space Knights who tried to avenge their fallen comrades. Reinforcements, Part 5

In 2016, the Absence convened with D'rge to discuss Rom's arrival on Earth and overruled D'rge's suggestion of killing Rom, immediately stating the Cybertronians would present them new opportunities and that their power would soon belong to the Wraiths. Earthfall: Part Three

Later, several Sorcerers had convened beneath an oil platform to feed psychic energy to the Presence. When Space Knights arrived, a Sorcerer known as "Kagan Knight" insisted the Absence be summoned to deal with them. After Knight had sacrificed himself to the being, the Absence revealed he would not be destroying the Space Knights. Rather he was going to sit back and let them tear themselves apart. Reinforcements, Part 4

When it seemed as though Rom had died however, Orphion and Livia prepared to destroy Earth. The Absence made himself known by quickly draining Livia's energy before Orphion (futilely) attacked him. The Absence then began draining out Orphion's energy. Rom however still lived and plunged his Neutralizer inside the Absence and fired, temporarily dissipating the being. A moment later, the Absence watched the Sorcerers perish by Orphion's Neutralizer energy before commenting that though today had not been the promised day, it, and the Presence, was coming. Reinforcements, Part 5

Along with D'rge, the Absence remotely observed Orphion slay Kagan Knight and investigate the Wraiths' machinations in Utah. Unlike his subordinate, the Absence was not concerned with the Knight's investigations. Long Roads to Ruin, Part 4

After the Wraiths had joined forces with Baron Karza, the Absence and D'rge altered the Baron's enerchanging abilities so he could siphon away Rom's power. Small World

To properly funnel away the Entropy Cloud from Microspace, the Absence entered the subatomic realm and oversaw its harvesting alongside Membros. When Rom and the Micronauts attacked the facility, the Absence crippled Microtron before he came under attack by Rom and withdrew. Returning to his home universe, the Absence reported on the events to Karza who instructed him to take the back-up conduit into Microspace and safeguard it using both their war fleets. Entropy

As the endgame drew ever nearer, Axiom brought the news that Rom and the Micronauts had returned. Baron Karza then oh-so innocently raised a question about the Absence's faith before he roped the spectral being into acting as the sole conduit between Microspace and the Presence's realm. Asymmetric Warfare When the Presence began arriving on Earth, the Micronauts and Livia attacked the Absence killing him and severing the link between Earth and the Presence. Gods and Monsters