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The name or term "Acroyear" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Acroyear (disambiguation).
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The second generation Acroyears — also known as the Acroyear II warrior class — are the result of a refinement of the process used to create the Acroyear super-soldiers. Though efficient and easily-controlled soldiers, they have nowhere near the power of their predecessors; however, they make up for this in sheer numbers, large swarms of them forming the backbone of the army of the Ministry of Defense.


After the Micronauts snuck through the Ministry of Defense's blockade of Valtricos research station and accidentally activated the automated Phobos units therein, the Ministry sent a swarm of second generation Acroyears in raze formation down to the surface of the planet below, where the team had landed. The Micronauts put up a fight against them, but were soon rescued by the Space Gliders of the Ministry of Science, who destroyed the Acroyears. Micronauts #2

The Ministry of Defense's army included large numbers of second generation Acroyears; notably, the first-generation Acroyear Commander Raith led a unit of Acroyear II warriors, who he took to capture Oziron Rael, the Pharoid captured by the Ministry of Science. While attacking the facility in which the Micronauts were held, the Acroyears recognised Larissa as a secondary target, but were destroyed before they could capture her or Oz. Micronauts #5 After Raith stabbed Oz in the chest, an Acroyear II questioned him on the basis that their orders had been to capture the Pharoid, but Raith casually decapitated the soldier. Micronauts #6

By the time of the Earthwar, the Acroyear II class were apparently replaced by the Acroyear III class. Micronauts Annual 2017


  • Despite the name (used in Micronauts #5 and Acroyear's profile) IDW's Acroyear II units draw more from the original Mego "Acroyear" toys, particularly their head, turbine wings, and red/blue/green color schemes. They do draw the odd element from the Mego "Acroyear II" toys, including their two-toed feet, use of silver, and general skinniness. The toyline "Acroyear II" design was later used in full for the Acroyear IIIs.
    • This fact is further confused by the fact that the Micronauts Acroyear was based on the Microman Acroyear II toy, and the later Micronauts Acroyear II was based on the original Microman Acroyear!