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Part of the Secret Intelligence Service, the Action Man Programme (A.M.P.) is one of the United Kingdom's top lines of defense against hostile external threats. Designed around the concept that sometimes an elite team can't fit every situation, the Programme selects a man trained to physical and mental perfection to act as a superagent, to operate as an individual where a group can't. This man is Action Man.

However, Action Man is hardly alone. The Programme includes a support crew, including a quartermaster and another agents that provide assistance when needed, and the organization is headed by a Director that supervises all operations and reports to their superior.

Members include:


The Action Man Programme started under the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England, Absolute Beginners under Francis Walsingham. Christopher Marlowe was the first Action Man. Crisis Intervention TFWikiFavicon.png During the 19th century, the French exile Victor Hugo served as Director. A non-Brit in this position would be unheard of, if not for the threat of Napoleon III forcing the Programme to prioritize matters. His house on Guernsey would later serve as a store for British secrets. Absolute Beginners

The Programme cycled through Action Men as needed, including one who met the U.S.'s elite Adventure Team. Secret Raiders TFWikiFavicon.png By 1994, he had been succeeded by a new Action Man who participated in Team Extreme along with time-displaced U.S. hero Sgt. Savage. When Eagles Scream TFWikiFavicon.png By 2008, the position had been assumed by Mike Brogan, Absolute Beginners who in 2012 brought in Ian Noble when he broke his way into a secret AMP facility. Out of the Way Mr Love and Justice Agent Mercy Gale was a transfer from the regular ranks of MI6; within one year of working in the Programme, she became head of intel. When she became the second Doctor X, she would begin to covertly use the AMP's resources for her goals. Mr Love and Justice

Brogan and Gale served under Director Cain, who was replaced with Pauline Bestley at some point. Mr Love and Justice When Mike Brogan died to one of Doctor X's plans, Ian Noble was appointed as the new Action Man. Absolute Beginners The quartermaster during Brogan and Noble's time was Sinclair, who died due to poor health. As Noble was busy being Action Man, Bryce Chan, the only candidate left, became quartermaster. Absolute Beginners

In its long existence, the Action Man Programme faced many threats, including Napoleon III, Absolute Beginners Doctor X, and a duplicate of the President of the United States. Mr Love and Justice


  • The acronym formed by the name of the Programme, AMP, may be a reference to the early 2000s Mainframe Entertainment-produced cartoon of Action Man; the Action man seen in that show (Alex Mann) possessed the "AMP Factor" (AMP in that context standing for Advanced Macro Probability), which was an adrenaline triggered ability that let him analyze any situation and mathematically determine the best course of action (represented on-screen by complex equations floating around in his head while time appeared to stop).

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