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Not everyone in an organization as large as G.I. Joe can be out there with Duke and Scarlett on the frontline against Cobra. One of the less flashy (but no less glamorous) sub-groups is the Admin Force, charged with overseeing all of G.I. Joe's paperwork and bureaucracy.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Following Zartan's exposure of G.I. Joe to the public, G.I Joe vol. 2 #12 the team was ordered by the United States government to promote a more family friendly atmosphere. G.I. Joe vol. 3 One of the new groups created was the Admin Force. In these early days, the Admin Force handed the paperwork and made occasional visits to universities to warn disinterested millennials about the dangers of Cobra. The sheer amount of paperwork however wore down the brave members and all but MP3 quit. Undeterred, MP3 continued to roam Texas looking for an adventure.

He got his wish in late 2016 when a robotic Tyrannosaurus rex began rampaging through Amarillo. After meeting M.A.S.K. agents Dennis Taylor and Alex Higgins, the Action Van broke down before MP3 fainted from seeing their faces. After a premature burial, the two revealed themselves to be Decepticon scavengers and brought him back to their ship to aid Crankcase and the Dire Wraith CONS4EVA in the "Crossover" ritual. They succeeded in conjuring up a portal to a higher plane of existence. A portal far too small for anyone to enter.

Crankcase then offered both MP3 and CONS4EVA a place on the ship. The latter declined but the former was rearing to go, even sending his resignation letter to Scarlett via the portal. Sadly though Fulcrum hated organics (specifically their pores) and launched before MP3 could board leaving him desperately trying to retrieve his resignation letter. Nothing Will Ever Be the Same Again! TFWikiFavicon.png

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • "Admin Force" is not only a not-so-subtle joke at the ridiculous specialization of G.I. Joe sub-groups but a play on Action Force, G.I. Joe's precursor/contemporary/twin from the European toyline.