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Anne Mason is the paternal grandmother of Darby Mason. Though she appears a quiet, normal, woman she's long accepted the strangeness of the world she lives in and is always prepared.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Anne married a rather rough man who eventually found the lord, yet he nonetheless taught Anne the value of being prepared. Reinforcements, Part 5 They had at least one son together who would move to Cooper's Mill and start his own family. Reinforcements, Part 2 Once her granddaughter Darby joined the military, Anne feared she'd one day have to fight the giant robots she'd seen on television. Reinforcements, Part 5

After Cooper's Mill had been taken over by Dire Wraiths and destroyed by Rom, Darby went off to live her grandmother in Pawtucket. Earthfall: Part Four

Anne watched "Ron" fight the Cybertronians on television. When Darby arrived and told her what had happened to her, Anne reassured her grandmother that though they'd both suffered, they had each other and would survive. Unfortunately, her suggestion of a walk caused Darby to have a panic attack. Reinforcements, Part 2

Darby later joined a PTSD support group and met Ruan Sablik. Anne saw her granddaughter off on this totally not a date but questioned if she was ready. Reinforcements, Part 3 The two soon returned with the revelation that Ruan was in fact a Dire Wraith and while Anne accepted Darby's word, she insisted on seeing Ruan's true face who complied. Though shocked, Anne listened to his reasons before she excused herself and brought back a suitcase full of weapons for Darby and Ruan to use. Reinforcements, Part 5

Anne exited her home while Darby and Ruan were out and returned to find Darby with an unusual gauntlet that shined a red light on her. Anne asked if Darby was having another episode only for granddaughter to say that, for the first time in a long while, she was at peace. Long Roads to Ruin, Part 2

Notes[edit | edit source]