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This is pretty much all his character.

When the order of Space Knights was formed, their name was to be a beacon of hope and courage for the citizens of not only the Solstar Order but the entire galaxy. Therefore an ideal Knight should possess mercy, courage and a strong sense of humility conscious that they are, for all their power, servants of the people and acting in their defense and best interests. Auxin is none of those things.

Brash, hot headed and impetuous, he wouldn't be that bad a warrior were it not for the fact that he's far more interested in just killing Dire Wraiths than actually protecting the citizens of the Solstar Order and doesn't seem to value the life of his fellow Knights very highly while severely exaggerating his own skills and constantly underestimating the Wraiths. And don't get him started on that stupid machine.


Fresh out of the academy, Auxin and fellow Cadet Sata joined senior Knights Rom and Livia on a training mission. When the Wraiths were discovered to be simply soldiers instead of sorcerers, Rom and Livia made short work of them shocking Auxin by their speed and the horror of battle. Auxin then sighted one Wraith trying to flee and followed it into a dead end where he was predictably ambushed by several Wraiths lying in wait. He was rescued by Stardrive who single handedly mopped up the Wraiths only for Auxin to rage that she'd stolen his first kill. He stormed off thinking that, as a machine, she'd never understand the glory of combat.

Back on the ship, Auxin sulked for a while until he and Sata began gossiping about Stardrive until the group arrived at Orchid Crossing. The next morning, Auxin was part of a delegation that was to meet with the Galactic Council to discuss safe passage for the Knights in Council territory with Auxin standing near the Council shuttle after the crew had disembarked. However the Council forces had been slain by a Decepticon/Dire Wraith alliance who quickly shed their disguises and began attacking. To Auxin's horror, the shuttle was in fact Astrotrain who quickly blew Auxin in half (seemingly by accident) and commented that the Knights weren't as durable as the stories suggested. Shining Armor #1 TFWikiFavicon.png


  • As "Rom" is derived from "Read Only Memory", Auxin is a play on "aux-in" electrical connectors.
  • Auxin is the first Space Knight (well Space Knight cadet) to be killed on-panel in either a crossover or the main series.

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