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Baron Ironblood is a sinister, masked villain who has vexed the Action Man Programme in the past. Since Ian Noble ascended to the position of Action Man, he has been working with Doctor X and the Red Shadows in pursuit of the artifact codenamed the Talisman.


Mercy Gale mentioned Baron Ironblood as one of the many villainous forces that organizations like the Action Man Programme were in eternal and futile struggle with. Later, after faking her death in an airship explosion, Mercy — now having fully taken on the identity of Doctor X — and Storm Shadow contacted the Baron to initiate their plan together. Mr Love and Justice

Ironblood and Doctor X, setting up shop in the Section Sabine moonbase employed the Oktober Guard to obtain the Talisman for them. When Ian Noble was brought to the moonbase accidentally by Major Bludd's teleportation, the Baron — having no desire to see any unnecessary death — expressed worry about Doctor X chaining him up in a spacesuit outside the base, and was subsequently introduced to him when Action Man managed to make his way inside. Despite this, when Action Man escaped further into the moonbase, the Baron grumbled that they should have just killed him instead, a suggestion rebuked by Doctor X.

When Kup, Mayday, Blackrock, and the Micronauts invaded the base to save Action Man, Ironblood ordered the Red Shadows to stop them, furiously exclaiming that they had put years of preparation into their work and were "trying to save you, too". When Larissa inadvertently destabilised the Ore-13 by Enerchanging with the Talisman, Ironblood ordered Doctor X and the Red Shadows to evacuate using the M.A.S.S. Device; he determined that Action Man would be rescued by his friends, and that even if they had their hands on the Talisman, they wouldn't unlock its secrets. Enter The Shadow TFWikiFavicon.png

Ironblood and X later met up with Cobra leader Tomax Paoli. Ironblood encouraged Tomax to take up the mantle of Cobra Commander, saying that "the mask makes the man." Knowing that Action Man and the rest would trace the Talisman to Tomax, the pair offered him a partnership, which he declined... until he met their other partner: Centurion, a strange steampunk Transformer. The Secret of the Mummy's Tomb TFWikiFavicon.png The Iron Klaw TFWikiFavicon.png

Baron Ironblood was one of many Earth villains contacted by Baron Karza, who demanded that they swear fealty to his rule of Earth. Wrath of Karza #3


  • Baron Ironblood hails from the Action Force franchise, an Action Man spin-off line of smaller-scale figures, later used as a vehicle to import the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero line into the UK. Notably, the Action Force comic handled this transition by establishing Cobra Commander as a new identity for Ironblood... and though the Baron hasn't yet taken on the title of "Cobra Commander" in IDW continuity, First Strike does see him take command of Cobra!

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