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The name or term "Cobra Commander" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Cobra Commander (disambiguation).

It is a rare thing for those within the ranks of Cobra to rise above the position of a lowly foot soldier or a mere pawn to be manipulated by those who hold power far beyond their wildest imagination. For this reason alone it should be obvious that the woman who's been given the title of Baroness is an extraordinary individual. However, it's not the fact that she's merely been able to climb up the ranks that makes her special. In a way, Baroness is Cobra.

Despite being born into considerable wealth and royalty, Anastasia DeCobray still held within her a deeply seated and boundless ambition for power that the strictly patriarchal aristocracy would never allow her to satisfy. After falling in with a group of revolutionaries, Anastasia's lust for power would soon be complimented by a horrifying ruthlessness, one she first began to hone by murdering her entire family. It would not be long before she caught the attention of Cobra, and it was within their coils that her ambitions could finally flourish. Mostly serving as both an intelligence officer and assassin, Baroness proved that there was no length she would not go to to seize more of that power that she so desired. Even with the dangers she posed, her abilities earned her high ranking positions under three separate Cobra Commanders. It's little wonder, then, why after the organization fell that Baroness arose from the ashes unscathed and undeterred, ready to rebuild with herself at the center of everything as the new Cobra Commander!

Even with most of her family dead, her half-sister Erika La Tene still lives, and bears quite a resemblance to the Baroness. And though most of her relationships have been nothing but charades to get her something she's wanted, she's shared a closeness with the arms dealer Destro that's unusual for her...


IDW Hasbro Universe[edit]



Born into an aristocratic family of Eastern European origin, Anastasia DeCobray was left her family's sole heir after the death of her brother. Because of this, her father arranged for Anastasia to be married to Lord Alberti, a decision he made without her knowledge or consent and informed her of the first time she and Alberti had met. Outraged by this, Anastasia fled to Rome, where she met Umberto Gaspare, leader of a radical revolutionary group known as the Red Hand. Inspired by Umberto and the Red Hand's message of rising up against the ruling class and seizing power for themselves, Anastasia began attending the group's meetings and also began sleeping with Umberto under the condition that he teach her personally everything he knew about violent revolution.

After learning from Umberto, Anastasia returned home on the night her parents were hosting several of their aristocratic friends. Though her mother and father attempted to talk Anastasia into staying, she told them she was disgusted by their idly rich lifestyle and left soon after. Joining her lover outside the estate, Anastasia only had a moment's hesitation before she detonated several bombs she'd planted throughout the DeCobray estate, killing everyone within.

Eventually, she and Umberto would travel to Morocco, where he informed her that things had gotten too dangerous for them to remain together. After this, Anastasia began traveling the world, joining up with any group of revolutionaries, radicals, or terrorists that would have her, working jobs ranging from a trainer, to an assassin, to an arms dealer. Eventually, she caught the attention of Cobra, who, after putting her skills to the test in Berlin, recruited her. Firsts and Lasts Once joining Cobra as an intelligence officer under the codename "Baroness", she quickly worked her way up the ranks, using her role within the organization against those who stood in the way of her ascent and weaponizing her feminine wiles against men both in and outside of Cobra. Baroness profile

At some point, Baroness discovered her half-sister Erika Le Tene. Though she didn't particularly care for or about Erika, Baroness used her connections to give Erika a relatively high-ranking position in Cobra as the assistant to the "Crimson Twins" Tomax and Xamot Paoli. Forked Tongue According to a Crimson Guardsman Baroness had some kind of a relationship with, Baroness only let Erika in so she had one last connection to her old life before Cobra. Changing Colors

While stationed in Capetown, South Africa, Baroness saw a news broadcast that reported Umberto Gaspare had been captured by Interpol in the Netherlands and was now awaiting trial in The Hague. Flying out, Baroness broke into the facility where Umberto was being held, murdering her way through several guards before finally reaching his cell. Though Umberto thought she'd arrived to rescue him and rekindle their romance, Baroness shot and killed her former lover in his cell and shed a single, bloody tear as she made her exit. Firsts and Lasts

After Emil Zartan successfully broke into President Rumanapar's private plane midflight, Baroness spoke to him through a video call and ordered the politician to not lighten his country's trade restrictions as planned lest Zartan kill him. With her plan to convince Rumanapar successful, Baroness was able to climb further up the Cobra ladder. A week later, she met with Zartan and presented him his payment of one million euros. However, later that night, Zartan ended up getting in trouble with the law and Baroness was forced to let him flee the country with her aboard her private jet. The Origin of Zartan Part 1

Dealings With Destro[edit]


Unhappy with Zartan putting Cobra's secrecy at risk with his antics, Baroness assigned him the task of being her representative with M.A.R.S. Industries, an arms manufacturer that was creating a teleporter known as the M.A.S.S. Device for Cobra. However, when M.A.S.S. was tested on Zartan by sending him to kill M.A.R.S. CEO James "Destro" McCullen's associate Nico Mandirobolis, a flaw in the teleporter meant he was unable to be retrieved. After this incident, Baroness was contacted by Destro, to inform her of this development and that they couldn't be certain if Zartan had successfully killed Mandirobolis. Baroness, however chose to look on the bright side of things and assume Zartan was successful in his assassination. The Origin of Zartan Part 1

With Zartan M.I.A., the task fell to Baroness to assassinate Destro for dealing with Mandirobolis in the first place. Making her way into Castle Destro through the surrounding moat, she approached McCullen as he worked on a satellite and held him at gunpoint G.I. Joe vol. 1 #2 as she explained Cobra's reasoning for sending her to execute him. Though Destro attempted to bargain for his life, Baroness didn't care to hear it and instead asked Destro for his last words, which he used to call his dog Clyde to attack her. Though she quickly killed the hound, Destro still managed to get away, forcing Baroness to chase him down to the castle armory. G.I. Joe vol. 1 #3 She and Destro proceeded to duel with swords until Baroness knocked Destro into a suit of armor, the helmet of which he used to knock her unconscious. G.I. Joe vol. 1 #4

When she came to, Destro had placed her in his familial castle's luxurious "dungeon". Addressing her behind a glass wall, Destro told Baroness he only kept her alive so she could relay to Cobra that he held information that made him an invaluable asset to the organization. That night, Baroness donned a vintage gown and jewelry her captor had left for her and accompanied him to dinner, though not before first making another attempt on his life that he took precautions against. G.I. Joe vol. 1 #5 After dinner, Destro saw fit to give Baroness a demonstration of his M.A.S.S. Device teleporter to prove he'd made a major breakthrough with the device and was thus worth keeping alive. Baroness watched as Destro teleported himself to Nico Mandirobilis' location to kill the man who'd dared break Cobra's code of silence. However, once Destro was warped back, a problem with M.A.S.S. forced him to be sealed in a special suit of armor lest his body disintegrate. G.I. Joe vol. 1 #6


Baroness remained in Destro's custody for some time after witnessing the incident with the M.A.S.S. Device but eventually a team of Cobra Troopers arrived to free her. After they blew the glass wall, Baroness took command of their operation and rescinded their orders to kill her captors, instead having them capture Destro and his assistants alive along with the M.A.S.S. Device. The Betrayers Part 2 Aboard the submarine cruiser Dreadnaught, Baroness discussed the advanced technology powering the sub with Destro while also explaining the terms under which he'd now be working for Cobra. The Betrayers Part 3 While aboard the Dreadnaught, Baroness spoke with Cobra Commander over a video call and informed him that Zartan was missing, as well as the recent developments with the M.A.S.S. Device. Though Cobra Commander was unhappy to hear they'd lost a promising member in Zartan and that his organization was sinking so much money in a project that had yet to yield the desired results, Baroness insisted the M.A.S.S. project would soon shape up. The Origin of Zartan Part 2 Once they reached their destination, Baroness joined Destro on the helicopter ride to Section Zero, a special arctic facility Cobra had constructed specifically to house the M.A.S.S. Device. Inside, she introduced Destro to his new assistant and scientific overseer Dr. Armand "Mindbender" Singh and continued to drive home to McCullen the harsh terms under which he now worked. The Betrayers Part 4

As Destro and Singh clashed against each other, Baroness broke the two of them up and reminded them that her position was tied to their ability to get results and that she'd suffer no more of their childish arguments. With Destro insisting he needed the help of his assistants, Baroness was worn down and agreed to free them. Soon after, the quartet of scientists managed to get the M.A.S.S. Device in what they believed to be a workable state. Though the experiment first seemed to be a success, the test subject disintegrated once he was recalled. The Betrayers Part 5 Fed up with his failure, Baroness decided she'd be better off cutting her losses and pulled a gun on Destro. McCullen, however, tried to bargain for his life by suggesting he do something to prove his loyalty to Cobra. To this end, he wrestled Baroness' gun away from her and shot his assistant Rory MacDougall as a sacrifice to the organization. Though she remained unhappy with him, Baroness felt this was enough to give Destro another chance.


Later, Baroness visited Destro as he attempted to comfort Rory's daughter Glynis, who attacked Baroness on sight. Once a Trooper had knocked Glynis out, Baroness heard out Destro's plan to turn M.A.S.S. around by kidnapping the theoretical physicist Dr. Gerry Orizama. She then changed the subject and asked about the other piece of information Destro had offered Cobra, which turned out to be intel on a top secret American military organization that seemed to have learned about Cobra through Mandirobilis. The Betrayers Part 6 After dispatching Blacklight to kidnap Dr. Orizama, G.I. Joe vol. 1 #14 Baroness welcomed the scientist to Section Zero and explained to him why he'd been taken. True to Destro's predictions, Orizama's help allowed him to get M.A.S.S. up and running and a successful test was carried out. After denying Destro permission to reverse his condition and dismissing Mindbender, Baroness met with Orizama privately and was surprised to find him more than willing to continue working for Cobra, the seemingly unlimited resources the organization had access to proving quite appealing to him. G.I. Joe vol. 1 #15

Eventually, Cobra Commander saw fit to conduct a personal audit on Baroness via a remote drone, wanting to see for himself what the hundreds of billions his organization had sunk into M.A.S.S. had actually accomplished. Though the device wasn't up and running at the moment of the Commander's audit, Baroness ordered Orizama to get it ready for another test while she showed the Commander the money printing plates, priceless artifacts, blackmail material, and various other materials they could have only acquired through teleportation. Though he admitted these were nice, the Commander was concerned about a planned exploratory mission to the Nevada desert for the purposes of gathering information on the secret military unit Destro had informed her of, a mission she'd ordered without informing her superiors. Before the Commander could press the Baroness on this though, Destro interrupted them to voice his displeasure with being held against his will and having Baroness steal the credit for M.A.S.S., which ultimately earned him a spot in Cobra's Section 10 gulag when Glynis spoke up to reveal she was just as knowledgeable about M.A.S.S. as her father's murderer.

As the audit continued and Cobra Commander spoke with Orizama, Baroness received a report from another scientist about non-Section Zero Cobra Troopers on the perimeter of the base. Deducing that these were assassins sent by the Commander to kill her if she didn't prove herself, she had the coordinates for the teleport set for directly behind the Troopers. With the team of Vipers taking care of her would-be assassins, Baroness asked her Commander if he was satisfied with her project's progress. Though he was, the Commander wanted her at his side and gave Glynis, now codenamed Copperhead, command over the project. Realizing that Copperhead leaked the details of her planned Nevada mission, Baroness lashed out and nearly killed Glynis before the Commander got her to stay her hand. G.I. Joe vol. 1 #16


Baroness attended a meeting of Cobra High Command at a Russian manor. While there, she heard the sounds of weeping coming from the women's restroom and investigated to find that they were coming from her half-sister Erika Le Tene. Disgusted, Baroness reminded Erika that she only had her position because of their relationship and ordered her to shape up, as having her nearly identical sister bawling her eyes out in a bathroom didn't particularly reflect well onto her. Forked Tongue After Erika managed to escape Cobra, she fell in with G.I. Joe, the mysterious military unit Destro had uncovered. Using their resemblance to one another, Erika was sent to a suspected secret Cobra base in disguise as the Baroness. Changing Colors

After G.I. Joe forces had managed to seize the Dreadnaught, the ship's captain contacted the Baroness aboard an escape sub to inform her they'd lost the submarine cruiser. Though Vicuna thought the Dreadnaught destroyed, Baroness informed him they were still receiving a signal from the ship and passed this information along to Cobra Commander. After he furiously ordered Vicuna and his men to take back the Dreadnaught, Baroness was ordered to come to his quarters later that night as there was going to be a change in the Cobra hierarchy. G.I. Joe vol. 1 #22 To her shock, this change was not her long awaited promotion, but rather the reveal that Destro had been made an official member of Cobra! Enraged, Baroness nearly killed Destro but she was separated from him by a pair of Vipers and warned by Cobra Commander that she was to put aside her differences with Destro or else he'd be forced to choose between them. M.A.S.S. Destruction, Part 1

At Cobra Section Prime, Baroness received word that the M.A.S.S. Device had somehow become compromised and passed it along to Cobra Commander. Though Baroness thought it best to look to the Cobra Council for guidance, Cobra Commander decided they needed to act quickly and destroy Section Zero. Though she did express concern that this would mean those stationed on Section Sabine would be trapped, Baroness was primarily concerned about what losing the M.A.S.S. Device would mean for her reputation. Cobra Commander reassured her that the destruction of Section Zero wouldn't reflect poorly onto her, however, as with Destro around they could easily build another M.A.S.S. Device at any time. M.A.S.S. Destruction, Part 4 Baroness, however, had little confidence that Destro could do this without Dr. Orizama and ordered those who'd escaped Section Zero's destruction to find and bring him back. After receiving Copperback's report that Orizama had been killed, Baroness was summoned to meet with Cobra Commander, who asked that she accompany him to Section Twenty. M.A.S.S. Destruction, Part 5 At Section Twenty, Baroness asked her Commander if he was sure G.I. Joe agent Chuckles' change of heart and choice to join Cobra was genuine. Sidewinder She later retrieved Chuckles from Section Twenty's cafeteria and escorted him to a meeting with Cobra Commander. Constrictor

Baroness, along with the rest of Cobra High Command, was secretly poisoned by Xamot as part of an elaborate plan to take down Chuckles and regain his position within Cobra. She, however, was hardly incapacitated by it, as she'd been taking poison such as this one recreationaly. After Tomax explained to her that Chuckles had assassinated Cobra Commander and, he believed, poisoned High Command, Baroness expressed doubt and refused to believe his story until she saw Cobra Commander's body. After hearing that Chuckles was last seen heading towards the base's submarine hangar, Baroness dispatched a team of Vipers to deal with him but realized that there was a submarine armed nuclear weapons down there and quickly changed her orders to an evacuation of the entire base. As High Command was shuffled out, Baroness dragged Tomax onto the plane as he begged her to let him go back for Xamot, feeling the knowledge of forcing Tomax to live with the fact that he couldn't save his brother's was an appropriate punishment for him. King Cobra

Cobra Civil War[edit]

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Cobra Commander[edit]

Somehow managing to avoid capture after the fall of Cobra, Baroness managed to stay out of trouble for several years until she was finally caught in Monaco, arrested on reckless driving charges. After this, she was taken in by the newly reformed and international G.I. Joe and secretly held prisoner without trial aboard their new underwater base Lemuria. G.I. Joe vol. 5 #5 TFWikiFavicon.png After discovering an anarchist group in Greece organizing under the banner of Cobra, Scarlett attempted to interrogate Baroness about whether or not Cobra had begun reforming but she refused to give up any information, only complaining about the quality of the food and the fact that she was being illegally held prisoner. G.I. Joe vol. 5 #2 TFWikiFavicon.png Though she was the only one who knew that Baroness was aboard the Lemuria, Scarlett saw fit to share this information with her second-in-command Roadblock, who was slightly disturbed by them holding someone prisoner without trial. Because of this, Roadblock would leak Baroness' location to the now ex-Joe Duke, G.I. Joe vol. 5 #5 TFWikiFavicon.png who would soon arrive to free her and her fellow prisoner Crystal Ball so that they could be tried for their crimes. As she was escorted out, Baroness taunted Scarlett by promising that they'd see each other again soon. G.I. Joe vol. 5 #7 TFWikiFavicon.png

While en route to their trial in The Hague, Baroness seemed completely unconcerned about her situation, teasing Duke about his fall from grace before a mob of Cobranarchists suddenly descended upon the armored car, aiming to free Baroness and Crystal Ball from captivity! G.I. Joe vol. 5 #8 TFWikiFavicon.png Once they were let out by the Dreadnoks, Baroness ordered Crystal Ball to make himself useful before strongly chastising the Dreadnoks for their sloppy tactics, causing the bikers to shape up long enough for them to capture Duke. Before she got a chance to kill him though, a G.I. Joe team led by Scarlett arrived and shot the gun out of her hand. Ordering the Dreadnoks to kill them, Baroness and Crystal Ball slipped away in the chaos of the ensuing firefight and made their way to a serpentine temple where the Cobranarchists had been congregating. Addressing them and promising a new world order, Baroness took the stage alongside Crystal Ball, Destroy, Dr. Mindbender, and a Dire Wraith sorcerer before donning a hood and declaring herself the new Cobra Commander! G.I. Joe vol. 5 #9 TFWikiFavicon.png

With Miles Mayhem away on Cybertron with the rest of the Iron Ring, Cobra Commander took the remaining members of V.E.N.O.M. under her organization's wing, earning their loyalty by having Scrap-Iron rebuild their destroyed vehicles. She then sent the three of them to back up Firefly as he broke into the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg to steal a certain antediluvian artifact that was on display there, his louder than expected methods earning him his Commander's ire. Ordering Firefly to make a much more subtle entrance this time, Cobra Commander next directed him and V.E.N.O.M. to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art for another heist. G.I. Joe: First Strike TFWikiFavicon.png Though the V.E.N.O.M. agents were defeated and captured, Firefly was still able to accomplish his mission with help from Storm Shadow and his ninja. Now that Crystal Ball had the necessary artifacts, Cobra Commander demanded an update from Cesspool to see how their efforts to melt the polar ice caps was going before strongly correcting Destro when he referred to her by her old title. M.A.S.K.: First Strike TFWikiFavicon.png

As Crystal Ball and the Dire Wraiths opened a portal to Cobra-La, Cobra Commander ordered the Wraiths to force several unwilling Cobranarchists inside, making them reemerge as Vipers. With the portal remaining stable, Cobra Commander turned on the Wraiths and allowed her new soldiers to feast upon them. Ignoring Destro's horrified reaction to both her betrayal and the anrchists' transformation, she ordered Crystal Ball to round up the rest of the Cobranarchists and force them into the portal as well. Scarlett's Strike Force #1 TFWikiFavicon.png


Carlos Guzman had two different framed pictures of the Baroness in his office, like you do. Clue #1 Clue #6

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