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The name or term "Big Boa" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Big Boa (disambiguation).
You got fists for hands, an iron jaw, but now they say the hard man's gotten soft.

For a time, the man known as Big Boa was adrift; after going AWOL from the Marines, he was a man without a country, quite literally. That all changed when he met Cobra Commander, and now he has a home at Cobra's Section Twenty, training their on-site security. He has the utmost gratitude to the Commander for giving him a place to belong, though he couldn't care less about Cobra's goals and ideology; if you ask him, he'll tell you that he's just there to box.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Some years prior to joining Cobra, Big Boa was a member of the United States Marines, deployed in the Middle East; though he didn't care much for the mission, he did for the men he was fighting with. One day, during an attack from insurgents, Boa was driving the APC in which he and his men were escaping; when a civilian woman came into the vehicles path, he ran her down rather than risk dying. Having lost the trust of his men, and knowing that he would be court-martialed, Boa went AWOL and joined the private security force Colossus World Security. While he made good money during a stint as a mixed martial arts fighter in South-East Asia, he grew tired of constantly having to look over his shoulder, and so rejoined Colossus; and eventually, through them, he met Cobra Commander, and came to join Cobra.

You're going down, it's the final swing; as the lights go out, the crowd begins to sing.

When Chuckles agreed to join Cobra, he was introduced by Cobra Commander to Big Boa, who came to see him as a friend. Constrictor Chuckles was in Big Boa's dojo when Xamot Paoli picked a fight with him in order to steal his ID card. He advised Chuckles to not rise to Xamot's bait in future, noting that he got the injury that required his metal jaw by not being smart. Rattler

While Section Twenty was in lockdown after Xamot's attempted coup, Big Boa encountered Chuckles escorting Xamot's brother Tomax at gunpoint. Though initially glad to see Chuckles, Boa's mood soured when Tomax informed him that Chuckles had betrayed Cobra and shot the Commander through the head; while Chuckles tried to bluff his way out, Boa realised that Tomax was telling the truth. Chuckles attempted to shoot Boa, allowing Tomax to escape, but Boa stripped the slide from Chuckles' handgun and fought him hand to hand; the following fight went badly for Chuckles, with none of the injuries that Big Boa took fazing him in the slightest. As Chuckles crawled across the ground, the disappointed Boa explained that he wasn't enjoying the fight, having considered Chuckles a friend; but was interrupted when Chuckles stabbed him in the neck with the gun's slide, killing him. As he died, an exhausted Chuckles informed him that all of his friends ended up dead. King Cobra

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