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The name or term "Big Boa" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Big Boa (disambiguation).
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Big Boa is the trainer for a group of children and orphans taken in by Cobra to be trained as the next generation of Cobra soldiers. While a harsh taskmaster who's probably not the best parental figure in the world, it's certain that the children won't have anything to fear from outside threats when someone as tough as her is looking after them.


Big Boa was the head of a Cobra training camp located in an old castle off the coast of North Africa. Amongst other things, she trained the children in firearm, knife and baton use, teaching them how to use their small size to their advantage and go for opponents' kneecaps. Siren's Song

When a G.I. Joe team infiltrated the camp to extract Siren and her son Isaac Craft, Big Boa and her trainees were alerted to their presence by the cries of one of the children. Boa proceeded to lead the youth against the G.I. Joes, with Boa herself personally fighting Roadblock hand-to-hand; while she effortlessly beat the Joe, she was knocked down by one of the girls she had been training, who used her advice to "aim for the kneecaps" against her. The Joes managed to escape the island with several children aboard, though Isaac refused to come, having been subject to Cobra indocrination. Isaac subsequently expressed to his mother that he was happy, and noted that with Big Boa looking after them, the children were probably the safest kids on Earth. Siren's Song: Conclusion


  • Big Boa's distinctive helmet is taken from the classic version of the character; her predecessor notably lacked it, merely having a metal fixing on his jaw as the "equivalent".

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