Blind-Eye Cave

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Blind-Eye Cave is a cave not far from Cooper's Mill. Darby Mason had experienced lots of first in it.


As a teenager, Darby Mason frequented the cave to hide from her parents. She had her first kiss, her first (and last) cigarette as well many other firsts in the cave.

In 2016, after overexerting himself in razing Cooper's Mill, Darby directed Rom to the cave as a safe spot to recover. After the two had a brief discussion, Rom flew off after picking up the energy signature of Wraith Stalkers. The Wraith posing as Joe Colton sent a squad of Dire Wraiths to the cave to try and slay Rom but they only found Darby. Earthfall: Part Two

Upon reuniting with Orphion and Livia, Rom led them to the cave to compare notes and debate on the merits of Earth being destroyed. Their discussion was halted by Beach Head and Grunt who attacked the Space Knights thinking Rom had murdered the real Joe Colton. Though Orphion was briefly knocked unconscious, Rom and Livia managed to defeat the rogue humans. Orphion recovered and left the cave to try and destroy Earth. Reinforcements, Part 3 Rom and Livia left the humans in the cave to track down their commander. Reinforcements, Part 4