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"But you can't have an invasion without me. I was in "Operation Impending Doom I!" Don't you remember?"
"Oh yes. We remember."

His true name unpronounceable in Neocybex, the Dire Wraith known as CONS4EVA is as non-conformist as they come. Preferring to socialize and chat rather than conquer planets, he's recently found faith in Temptorian religion and is seeking out like-minded individuals.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

A misfit among his kind, CONS4VEA learned of Temptorian religion and became obsessed with completing the ritual known as the Crossover. In his quest for this, he broke away from his kind and managed to join the Decepticon social networking site The Big Conversation under the username "CONS4EVA". While on the site, he befriended "Grumpybox" and eventually asked to meet on Earth. He subconsciously assumed the form of Thunderwing but after the initial confusion and hysterical panic on the Decepticons' parts, CONS4EVA managed to convince Grumpybox to help him enact the Crossover. To properly complete the ritual, a third species was required, a role conveniently filled by MP3 of the Admin Force.

The three misfits managed to complete the ritual and open a portal to a higher plane of existence...only for it to be too small for anyone to enter. CONS4EVA took this in stride however, believing the Brand was telling him to make the most out of his life. The Scavengers offered him a spot among them only for him to decline, asking only for a lift to nearest starhub before he would go at it on his own. Nothing Will Ever Be the Same Again! TFWikiFavicon.png

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • CONS4EVA's shapeshifting is markedly at odds with the way the rest of his kind transforms. Wraiths featured in ROM have to infect something before taking their form. And while Vekktral demonstrates the Wraiths are capable of possessing Transformers, CONS4EVA's Thunderwing form noticeably lacks a Wraith-flair. His shapeshifting is in line with how the Wraiths transformed in the original Marvel comic, however. We are left with two conclusions: Either CONS4EVA is the greatest Wraith warrior/scientist who ever lived or James Roberts confused IDW's comic with the Marvel comics of his boyhood. It's probably the latter but we're hoping for the former.

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