Caleb Awan

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To the world at large, Caleb Awan is the young, brilliant up and coming co-founder of DeepWave Techologies. Behind closed doors however, he's a Dire Wraith Sorcerer using his wealth and technology to develop new weapons to allow his kind to take over the planet.


Caleb was the co-founder of DeepWave Technologies and seemingly close to the Wraith masquerading as General Joe Colton. After Colton had bought out DeepWave, Caleb used his co-founder Aaron Grundy as a test subject, merging their new Axiom battlesuit with Ore-13 to turn Grundy into Axiom, an ungodly fusion of Wraith, Human and Cybertronian power. Field Test

After the Colton Wraith had perished, Concorde Hymn TFWikiFavicon.png Caleb assumed command of the Wraiths and their alliance with Miles Mayhem. After being informed of a large Ore-13 deposit beneath Autobot City, Caleb gave an extremely dramatic speech to his followers about how the death of "Colton", Rom's arrival, and Optimus Prime's annexation of Earth had caused setbacks but that the hour of triumph was soon upon them. The Wraiths set out to join up with M.A.S.K. to storm the Cybertronian city. To Caleb's rage, Rom had allied himself with the Autobots, the Micronauts, and Snake Eyes, but the Wraiths prove able to use Ore-13 to enhance their power. Caleb personally fought Rom in hand to hand combat, managing to breach the Knight's armor before giving his minions the order to take down Mayhem. Unwilling to be beaten, Mayhem opened the nearby Spacebridge and summoned Baron Karza. Caleb laughed at the diminutive figure but soon found the egg firmly on his face when Karza absorbed all the Wraiths. The New Colossus TFWikiFavicon.png

Despite most of the Wraith leaders perishing when Karza was defeated, Reinforcements, Part 1 Caleb survived and returned to Seattle where he checked up on Dubosky's project of using cybernetics to remotely assume control of Rom's armor. After using Axiom as a motivator, for Leonard Song, Caleb gave a little smirk that the project was on schedule. Interlude


  • It's unclear whether Caleb was once a human who was absorbed and replaced by a Wraith or whether he was always a Wraith who constructed a false identity.