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A police officer from Pismo Beach, the life of Camilla Byers was turned both inside out and upside down when she responded to an emergency along the Pacific Ocean. It was here that she was infected by a Dire Wraith and her life was changed forever.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

At one point, Camilla had a night of sexual intercourse with a fellow officer who was actually a Dire Wraith with a fetish for humans. Long Roads to Ruin, Part 1

Responding with her partner, Omar Ruiz, to a supposed forest fire, the two's car was passed by an armoured transport. When they arrived, they were quickly drafted into service by a soldier to take formation when Rom made himself known. As Rom hacked his way through the Dire Wraiths, the one with Camilla and Omar attacked the two for their blood to assume the form of a Wraith Hawk. Though Omar perished, Camilla survived with a Wraith infection and watched Rom (melodramatically) fly off. Earthfall: Prelude

Camilla later awoke on a beach without her car and remembered the events of the previous night. Getting a call from Cusiter, Camilla's Wraith infection allowed her to realize he was a Dire Wraith and smashed her phone before fleeing. Earthfall: Part One

Predictably, she didn't get very far without a car and wound up fleeing on foot from Wraith Stalkers until Rom arrived to save her. Detecting the Wraithmark on her, the Knight primed his Neutralizer only for a cabal of soldiers to arrive. Camilla saw them for the Wraiths they were but Rom's Analyzer failed him and he lowered his guard allowing the Wraiths to attack and capture them both. Earthfall: Part Two

Suspended in eldritch energy by D'rge, Camilla defended Rom before D'rge showed her the history of the Dire Wraiths on Earth. This distraction allowed Rom to break free. While D'rge teleported away, the Soldier remained behind and Camilla used her connection to him to lower his guard so Rom could slay him. Rom then offerred to kill her before requesting that she use her connection to the Wraiths as a substitute for his failing Analyzer. She agreed and the two flew off soon to meet Darby Mason. After the two women got acquainted, they hatched a plan to get Camilla onto the EDC base by having her act insane and paranoid due to the Wraithmark while Rom pretended to be a prisoner. Earthfall: Part Three At the base, a Wraith commented on how nicely Camilla's conversion was coming along. When Rom broke free, the same Wraith spoke to the Wraith growing inside Camilla for a status report before "fleeing in terror" from her. Once the three escaped, Darby announced her intent to leave while Camilla revealed she'd used her connection to the Wraiths to discover something about a secret project in Seattle. Earthfall: Part Four

Arriving in Seattle, the two were attacked by a strange being that read to both the Analyzer and the Wraihmark as human yet behaved and acted like a Dire Wraith. Depositing Camilla on the Space Needle, Rom flew off to engage the creature. Unfortunately for Camilla, the fighting had destroyed any access off the Space Needle. Axiom tried to attack her but Rom grabbed it and prepared to execute it. Hearing the Wraiths speaking to the creature, Camilla learned it was enhanced by Ore-13 and made by Joe Colton. Confirming the Analyzer's reading of Ore-13, she told Rom about Colton and Rom marked him as the leader of the Wraiths who had to be put down. Field Test

Leaving Camilla in Darby Mason's old house, Rom flew off to slay Colton but was sidetracked. When he returned, Camilla's infection had progressed even more quickly than anticipated and Rom offered her two choices: A quick painless death or a risky removal of the Wraith presence with no real guarantee of success. Before she could choose, the Wraith sprang to life and began attacking Rom who engaged it in combat. When Rom emerged victorious, Camilla begged Rom for death only for new arrivals to distract the Knight. Reinforcements, Part 1 While he attempted to talk down his former comrades, Rom used his Neutralizer to suspend Camilla's motor functions. The Wraith ejected itself from her and possessed someone else returning as a Wraith Hawk before Livia amputated Camilla's infected arm. As Livia and Rom fought the Hawk, she and Orphion exchanged some banter, with Orphion being impressed by Camilla's dedication to survival and the defeat of the Wraiths. As such he granted her mercy by shooting only the Wraith inside her, knocking her unconscious. However he was unsure if he got it all out due to unfamiliarity with human biology. Reinforcements, Part 2 The Space Knights left Camilla to be found by humans and taken away to a hospital. Reinforcements, Part 3

Camilla was simply left in a room however as the doctors could not deduce the cause of her ailment before she awoke. Interlude Two Wraiths whom she once served with on the force arrived to try and kill her only for Camilla's arm to grow to giant size and best them. Escaping the hospital, Camilla realized she could no longer hear the Wraith voice but still had her Wraith powers. Unwilling to be a lab rat for humans or Wraiths, she fled while wondering if she could make her arm smaller. Long Roads to Ruin, Part 1 Camilla eventually managed to form a spectral Wraith window via which she contacted Darby Mason. Using the window, the two happily reunited. Long Roads to Ruin, Part 3

The two eventually caught up with Rom and aided him in dispatching a group of Wraith Cows before the trio were approached by the Micronauts, needing allies to combat the threat of the Dire Wraiths joining forces with Baron Karza. The group travelled to a digging site in Nevada where Darby and Camilla fought the Wraith Soldiers. When Baron Karza began stealing Rom's size and power, the two tried to help their friend but were swatted aside along with their other allies. After the villains took their leave, Darby, Camilla, and Livia searched for Rom and the Micronauts but found nothing. Orphion declared their comrades had given their lives and led them all to combat their foes. Small World