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Before you buy a used car, always check the Carax.

Ensconced in a floating chair, Imperator Carax rules Elonia's Solstar Order.

He probably got the job thanks to his impressive moustache.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Carax was a close friend of Orphion's. Both knew of the Dire Wraiths, but opted to keep them secret from the people of Elonia, fearing that the frightened populace would flee into space with no clear direction and become easy pickings for the Wraiths. In the last three cycles prior to the year 1820, the Wraiths had attacked four of the Solstar Order's fringe worlds, but Carax still did not tell the populace.

The decision returned to haunt him when the Wraiths launched an atypical attack on Elonia that killed many citizens and converted others into Wraiths. After Rom K'atsema had shown great courage in fighting off Wraiths, the boy, and his friends Livia and Fy-Laa, were brought before Carax, who acknowledged his mistake in concealing the existence of the Wraiths and offered the three a chance to join the Solstar military.

The three accepted Carax's offer and graduated, only for Carax to send them to watch a mine near Rom's old home. The three rookies soon returned, clad in an alien armor with a myriad of functions. Though Carax approved of Maur and Orphion's requests for their own armor, he was conscious that it needed further investigation, and led the group to the testing facilities.

Carax would eventually don his own armor, which incorporated his hover chair. Cold Fire

Carax survived Unicron's attack on Elonia and emigrated to Cybertron with his fellow survivors. Ad Infinitum Their refuge was short-lived for the Chaos Bringer soon turned his attention to Cybertron itself. As the Council of Worlds debated how to fight their foe, Carax wondered if the lack of leadership was a sign that Rom had foresaken his people. Our Finest TFWikiFavicon.png

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In "Cold Fire", Carax's rank "Imperator" was misspelled "Imperiator". Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook #2 confirmed the true meaning of the word.

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