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This article is about a character or concept whose name has never been officially confirmed.
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"Centaurus" is a centaur-like creature from Microspace, serving as part of the Ministry of War under Membros during their invasion of Earth.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Centaurus was part of the crew of Membros's ship when it shot down the Heliopolis, and left the ship along with its teammates to capture the Micronauts; during the fight with Acroyear, it fired a laser blast at the super-soldier and deflected his sword with its shield, before the Acroyear was taken down by Membros. Wrath of Karza #2

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It's not clear whether the Centaurus seen in Wrath of Karza is a unique individual, as with Membros, or a whole species, as with the Reptos.
  • Centaurus's original Micronauts toyline packaging described it as "the conquering gladiator from the remote planet of Equestris", but it's unknown if it comes from anywhere called Equestris in IDW continuity.

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