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This article is about the chemist who faked being insane. For Cobra's Chief Pollution Officer, see Cesspool II.

Once a gifted chemist blessed with considerable scientific abilities, Cesspool was tragically driven mad and is now housed in a Cobra insane asylum located beneath the very chemical plant he used to be able to call his own. Sure is convenient how he seemed lose his mind right around the same time his bosses found out his work left something to be desired though...


Cesspool was a chemist, a member of Cobra, and evidently an industrialist of some kind, owning a chemical plant that served as a front to hide the Snake Pit insane asylum. Answering to Tomax and Xamot Paoli, Cesspool promised his bosses that he'd develop a new chemical weapon of some kind for them but failed. When he got word that Tomax was none too pleased with his failure, Cesspool began feigning insanity and had himself locked up in the Snake Pit to avoid the wrath of the twins. Though Interrogator saw right through Cesspool's act, he agreed to declare him mentally unfit for duty and let him stay in the safety of the Snake Pit in exchange for access to Cesspool's off-shore bank accounts. Infestation 2: G.I. Joe #1

With the song of the Elder Gods ringing out through the Snake Pit, Cesspool was genuinely driven mad and mutated into some sort of horrible monster. As Interrogator and Crystal Ball freed the legitimately insane inmates (who were immune to the song's effects) to fight off the Elder Gods, Interrogator tried to warn Crystal Ball that Cesspool was faking before the occultist opened his cell but was too late. Though the monstrous Cesspool briefly menaced Crystal Ball, he was quickly put down by Razor Claw. Infestation 2: G.I. Joe #2


  • Other than his implied industrial ties, this version of Cesspool seemingly has little to do with the original eco-terrorist version of the character first seen in the 1991 "Eco-Warriors" range of Joe figures. A second Cesspool who more closely resembles this version of the character was later introduced in Revolutionaries and M.A.S.K.: First Strike.

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