Ch-Ch-Changes: Part Two

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Jem and the Holograms #18
"Ch-Ch-Changes: Part One"
Publisher Ted Adams
First published August 31, 2016
Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Jen Bartel
Colors by M. Victoria Robado
Letters by Shawn Lee
Editor John Barber with Sarah Gaydos

Misfit, pursued by a bear


An evening of relaxation compromised when Stormer doesn't show up has prompted the Holograms (and their boyfriends) to search for the wayward Misfit.

In the first search party's vehicle, Kimber fiddles with her cellular phone in an attempt to connect with her girlfriend, while in the front seat Shana and her boyfriend Tony discuss the discomfort Shana has from keeping something secret from her bandmates.

In Aja's car, Aja reasserts her commitment to her current boyfriend Craig.

While in Jerrica's car, Rio admits to Jerrica he was kissed by Jem (unaware that Jerrica and Jem are the same person). Without revealing her secret, Jerrica reassures Rio that the kiss won't cause any romantic friction. Having shared their feelings the two are closer but the moment is broken when Jerrica bumps into Stormer's abandoned car.

At a dance club, Rocky's On Sunset, mirth is spread to everybody aside from the ever-frowning Pizzazz. Jetta and Roxy talk to her, and Pizzazz shares her plans for an immediate improvised performance at the club, spitefully leaving out the absent Stormer.

Back in the woods, Rio and Jerrica deliberate their pedestrian search tactics but before starting, they're able to find Stormer by following the sound of her screaming. Unfortunately the angry mother bear is still in pursuit of tasty musicians. Thinking quickly, Jerrica calls on Synergy to create a hologram, which manifests as a second bear to scare away the first. The three wanderers find Aja, Craig, and Kimber for a happy reunion.

After everybody regroups in the full house, the gathered players are glad to be safe indoors. But in private, Kimber razzes Jerrica for the idea to use a hologram of a second bear to scare away the first, this escalates into an argument, but Shana cuts through it by loudly declaring her intention to quit the band.

Pizzazz and her Misfits are about to take the stage when the club's manager Rocky introduces them to their preceding act, The Stingers. Pizzazz is not pleased.

The Holograms discuss Shana's decision to leave the band, Kimber in particular is upset by the reveal that her surrogate sister would be departing. Shana explains she obtained a coveted internship, and the four tearfully hug it out.

Featured Characters[edit]

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Continuity notes[edit]

  • Shana sent her application for the fashion internship back in issue 7.
  • Rio tells Jerrica about being kissed by the Silica controlled Jem, which happened in issue 13.
  • Rio also mentions that he was kissed by Jem shortly before he and Jerrica had to kidnap his sisters a second time, the first presumably being when they had to nab the love potion afflicted Holograms during the Valentine Special.
  • We see Stormer and Craig together for the first time this issue after the reveal that they're siblings back in issue 10.
  • The Stingers make their first named appearance after being glimpsed at back at the very end of the Dark Jem arc in issue 16.


  • At the beginning of the issue, Kimber is shown to be riding with Shana and Tony. However, when Jerrica and Rio return to their car with Stormer, Kimber is there with Aja and Craig with no indication of Shana and Tony also being there.

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Covers (2)[edit]


  • Jem #19
  • Locke and Key Master Edition comic books.
  • Edward Scissorhands comic book.
  • Jim Mahfood's "Sadistic Magic" art book.
  • The X-Files origins comic book.
  • Wynonna Earp TV series

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