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Chris Ryall (born April 2, 196?) is an American comic book writer, as well as former Editor-In-Chief and current Chief Creative Officer of IDW Publishing.

Ryall joined IDW in 2004 as their second Editor-In-Chief, a position he held until 2016, where he was succeeded by David Hedgecock. Ryall also wrote numerous comic books for IDW, including the series Zombies vs. Robots, which along with other IDW original CVO: Covert Vampiric Operations, formed the basis for the 2011 crossover series Infestation.

Ryall is known for being a huge fan of ROM: Spaceknight.[1] His 2015 miniseries Onyx owed much of its inspiration to ROM: Spaceknight, even giving original ROM writer Bill Mantlo a thank you in the book. Ryall now co-writes the IDW ROM series with Christos Gage.


Cover Artist[edit]


  • Ryall once attended Angel Grove High.[2]