Clue issue 1

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Clue #1
Obligatory "no Boddy to go with" joke goes here.
Publisher IDW Publishing
First published June 28, 2017
Cover date June 2017
Written by Paul Allor
Art by Nelson Daniel
Letters by Neil Uyetake
Editor Carlos Guzman

It was a dark and stormy night... perfect for a murder mystery, no?


Cool. Let's read it.

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Featured characters[edit]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)



  • The regular cover and two subscription covers to this issue were each released with a different bonus page after the back-matter, each containing a different "clue", as a nod to the Clue franchise's whole "thing" of multiple endings.

Clue references[edit]

  • All seven "suspects", plus Mr. Boddy, are based on existing Clue characters, and most draw inspiration from their previous characterisations.
    • Mr. Boddy, known as "Dr. Black" in the original British Cluedo, is the rarely-seen murder victim of Clue's central whodunnit; as such, his fate here isn't particularly surprising.
    • Miss Scarlett is traditionally a "femme fatale" archetype, often an actress; IDW's version seems to be something of a pastiche of Australian rapper Iggy Azalea.
    • Colonel Mustard has varied in design and nationality, being either English or American, but is typically an elderly military man. His given "vice" is usually black market profiteering.
    • Senator White is a heavy reinvention of "Mrs. White", who is traditionally a cook or servant, something alluded to by the Senator being the "founder and CEO of the nation's largest maid service".
    • Mr. Green's identity varies between the British Cluedo and American Clue; in Britain, he is "Reverend Green", an Anglican priest, while "Clue" gives him money-focused personas such as mobsters and businessmen. IDW's comic takes the latter route, making him a pastiche of Martin Shkreli, the "most hated man in America". (Pharmaceuticals... drugs... "Green", geddit?)
    • Mrs. Peacock is, both in IDW's miniseries and the classic game, an elderly socialite; in some versions she's Miss Scarlett's mother, something that isn't apparently the case here.
    • Professor Plum is either a young or elderly academic, often an archaeologist; he's usually seen with a pipe and bow-tie, which he lacks here, though he retains his classic glasses.
    • You might not recognise Dr. Orchid even if you've played Clue before; she was created for the 2016 edition of Clue/Cluedo, where she was described as Boddy's adopted daughter and a plant toxicologist expelled from a Swiss private school. There, she replaced Mrs. White, but here the two characters coexist.
  • Upton and the two Detectives are newly-created characters for IDW's miniseries. Amarillo and Ochre are named to fit with the "color" theme of the other names, while Upton is similar to the stock butler character that has appeared in previous versions of Clue; most notably Wadsworth from the 1985 Clue film.
  • The detectives' suspicion that Boddy was blackmailing Mrs. Peacock comes from the 1985 film, where Boddy was blackmailing all of the guests.
  • After Mrs. Peacock is killed, Detective Ochre does the obligatory gag of listing off all the weapons from the board game: a candlestick, lead pipe, revolver, wrench, knife, and rope.

Other references[edit]

Other trivia[edit]

  • So, nothing prior to the release of Clue suggested it was going to be set in IDW's Hasbro Universe; by all indications it was going to be something like their Dungeons and Dragons or My Little Pony comics, set in its own little universe. And nothing in the plot of the comic contradicts that... but part of the comic's back matter is the Hasbro Tribune, indicating that it is part of the Hasbro Universe, despite the considerable tonal disconnect. Weird, right? (Then again, the various Jem titles are only semi-connected at best, so it could be argued this title occupies the same "bubble" that cuts them Jem titles off from the Hasbro Universe at large.)

Covers (5)[edit]

  • Regular Cover: The cast of the comic surrounding the outline of Boddy's body, by Gabriel Rodriguez and Nelson Daniel.
  • Subscription Cover A: Upton and Mr. Boddy, by Nelson Daniel.
  • Subscription Cover B: Miss Scarlett, with the wrench, in a painting, by Valentina Pinto.
  • Cover RI: The cast surrounded by paintings of murder weapons, by Charles Paul Wilson III.
  • Convention Exlusive Cover: Black-and-white background version of the regular cover.