Cobra Command, Part 4

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Cobra Command, Part 4
G.I. Joe vol. 2 #10
GIJoev2-10 cvrA.jpg
Publisher IDW Publishing
First published February, 2012
Cover date February 2012
Written by Chuck Dixon
Art by Alex Cal
Colors by J. Brown
Letters by Shawn Lee
Editor John Barber
Assistant editor Carlos Guzman

Cobra goes on the attack as their mechanised army takes on G.I. Joe and the United Nations!


Running into Flint and his Team Alpha, Alpine is forced to protest with his membership of G.I. Joe to stop his fellow Joes from shooting him. The mountain trooper was sent back by Snake Eyes with intel on the Cobra armor base, but in the time it's taken him to find his teammates, the base has been dealt with; however, he has other news to share, in the form of the evacuation notices that Cobra has dropped across the country. Team Alpha has bigger problems, though, as Tripwire has spotted a Cobra landing site, now in the process of being populated with men and machinery for a major offensive! With Flint reporting in to General Hawk with the bad news, Destro oversees the weaponry's unloading, and muses that while men may fight wars, it is machines that win them.

Elsewhere in Nanzhao, Hawk grimly recieves Flint's report, and realises from their heading that they must be targetting the refugees fleeing to the northern borders. Immediately, he starts rallying the soldiers — United Nations forces and G.I. Joe alike — to set up a defensive perimeter on the northern highway, heading down there himself in the Joes' Rolling Operations Command Center to try and stop the Nanzhaoese from being killed. Amongst the forces heading Cobra off at the highway is the Mean Dog assault vehicle; however, their spotter can't tell whether the approaching Cobra forces are armor or mobile infantry... in fact, they look more like giant, bladed wheels!

Dial-Tone and Mainframe are dejected to find that their predictions are coming true: Cobra are indeed laying Nanzhao to waste. Dial-Tone wonders why Cobra is blocking refugees to the north, but her request for Scarlett to help with the analysis quickly turns into a discussion of Mainframe's ongoing crush on the intelligence specialist and Mainframe's unwillingness to own up to it. Mainframe refuses to tell Scarlett how he feels because he doesn't think he has a chance against the "troubled" Snake Eyes or the "ego-driven" Duke... only to realise too late that Duke and Scarlett have been listening to every word he's said!

An observation drone flies over the Cobra forces, and is quickly shot down by a H.I.S.S. tank, but all it had to offer was bad news: Cobra is massing for a major offensive that the United Nations forces, even with G.I. Joe support, are likely not properly prepared to face. As Cobra move into UN firing range, Hawk is apprehensive about their ability to win; something he's quickly proven right about, as legions of Buzz Boars and Vipers commanded by Tomax Paoli tear through the UN defense lines, eliminating their anti-air capabilities and freeing up a Rattler squadron to strafe the fleeing refugees, destroying the roads in the process and stopping further refugees from escaping to the north.

Though G.I. Joe has failed to stop the murder of the refugees, their agents on the ground in Nanzhao still require intelligence coverage, and so Scarlett and Mainframe head off to do some remote monitoring of the situation in Nanzhao. Mainframe admits that he doesn't think he can do what's needed with the situation between them, but Scarlett frankly informs him that there is nothing between them until Mainframe actually confronts it — and if he can't put it aside until their mission is done, he's not the man she thought he was... though Mains isn't too happy to go without closure. Meanwhile, a squad of Vipers finds a pair of injured Joes in the aftermath of the battle between Cobra and Joe forces. The squad's leader interrogates the sole conscious soldier, but the Joe refuses to break, and so the Viper takes aim at him... only for the Vipers to be blown away by Flint's team. The Cobra forces all blown away, the Joes attend to their injured comrades, and call in medical support for them.

Ahead of an army of Arashikage ninja, Storm Shadow gives his orders: with their errant brother Snake Eyes among them, he must be found and drawn to the Arashikage; but none of the ninja brotherhood may kill him, as that honor is reserved for Storm Shadow alone. One ninja questions how they are to draw Snake Eyes in, given his legendary prowess... and Storm Shadow orders them to ensure it with their lives, as no matter what, Snake Eyes must face him and die!

Featured characters[edit]

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"Because maybe I don't think I have a chance, okay? She goes for the troubled guys like Snake Eyes or that ego-driven Duke."
"So, you know my type, do you, Mainframe?"
"Oh, man..."

Mainframe puts his foot in it, which Scarlett is happy to make known

"What's your unit? Where's your command and control?"
"Ask your mama, snakehead."

—The Viper leader and the injured Joe


G.I. Joe references[edit]


  • While Flint observes Cobra's landing in the night-time, he speaks to Hawk, who's elsewhere in Nanzhao during the day. Considering that Nanzhao apparently covers the same area as Myanmar, there's no way that the time zones involved make that possible.

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