Cobra Commander Tribute

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G.I. Joe: Cobra Commander Tribute — 100-Page Spectacular
Cobra Civil War
Cobra Commander Tribute cover.jpg
Publisher IDW Publishing
First published April 13, 2011
Cover date April 2011
Editor Andy Schmidt
Designer Robbie Robbins

G.I. Joe: Cobra Commander Tribute is a 100-page collected edition published by IDW Publishing, acting as a tribute to both the IDW and classic A Real American Hero versions of Cobra Commander.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Rattler[edit | edit source]

Main article: Rattler (issue)

A reprint of Cobra #12.

"R.I.P."[edit | edit source]

Various characters — Cobra and G.I. Joe alike — share their thoughts on Cobra Commander's death.

  • The Baroness believes that the Commander will do more good for Cobra as a martyr than as a living leader.
  • Croc Master thinks that Cobra and their rules are stupid, and that "meat is meat".
  • Crystal Ball waxes philosophical about how death is inevitable and the only choice is how one approaches it.
  • Destro sees the Commander as a man who could be reasoned with, as long as you made yourself needed by him.
  • General Hawk observes that they'll need to rethink everything they know about Cobra, and isn't looking forward to what comes next.
  • Agent Helix thinks it's a shame — she wanted to be the one to kill him.
  • Krake thinks that the Commander was weak and obsessed with guile and influence, rather than military conquest, and thinks Cobra will be stronger without him.
  • Mainframe speculates that he might still be alive, before, er, going on a tangent about Andy Kaufman.
  • Serpentor sees the Commander as having ascended to a higher segment of a great snake... though Serpentor will remain always, helping others to "molt".
  • Tomax Paoli admired Cobra Commander, but always found his mirrored faceplate — that only ever showed you a worse version of yourself — unsettling, and found its shattering cathartic.
  • Zartan is unaffected.

Retro Cobra Commander Profile[edit | edit source]

A biography of the classic Marvel Comics A Real American Hero series Cobra Commander, written by Larry Hama and with art by Neal Adams.

Desperate Moves; Beginnings... and Endings; He's Back[edit | edit source]

A three-part story from the Marvel Comics A Real American Hero run, depicting the original Cobra Commander ousting the impostor Fred VII and returning to the role.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Errors[edit | edit source]

  • The credits page misspells Nelson Daniel's name as "Nelson Daniels", and no mention is made of Shawn Lee being the letterer for "Rattler".