Cobra vol. 2 issue 8

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G.I. Joe: Cobra vol. 2 #8
Cobra Civil War
Cobra2-8 cvrB.jpg
Publisher IDW Publishing
First published November 23, 2011
Cover date December 2011
Written by Mike Costa
Line-art by Antonio Fuso and Werther Dell'Edera
Colors by ScarletGothica
Letters by Neil Uyetake
Editor Carlos Guzman

It's all over but the crying.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

G.I. Joe soldiers enter the Washington, D.C. facility's vehicle hangar to clear up the aftermath of Black-Out's treachery. Evacuating one of the still-living Joes, they identify Black-Out as the hostile, and determine that Chameleon wasn't with him... after all, she's G.I. Joe. When Chameleon recovers in the medical ward, she's informed that Firewall and Lady Jaye both survived and are in recovery, and that Steeler was taken out by a Cobra sniper. When asked what happened to the sniper, all the Joe can tell her is that he escaped.

Some time previously, G.I. Joe Team Charlie—Crazy-Legs, Boxer and Needle-Nose—secure the building that Blacklight is in in order to capture him; but the sniper is aware of their presence, shooting Needle-Nose through the door before killing the other two when they attempt to breach. Having lost contact with the team, G.I. Joe command attempt to kill Blacklight with a rocket-propelled grenade, but he takes cover and takes out the shooter. Blacklight exits onto the roof, and the Joes guarding the entrance to the building realise his plan too late: he destroys the building with pre-planted explosives, and uses a grappling line to get himself to safety.

In Cobra's Section Ten gulag, Major Bludd furiously confronts Tomax Paoli for Blacklight's interference, which he believed cost him the contest, and tells Tomax to get out rather than whine at him; Tomax informs him that he had not interfered with Bludd at all, merely helping Blacklight to attempt to kill Erika Le Tene; Black-Out being exposed and getting himself shot was down to the orders that Bludd had given him. Additionally, he isn't there just to complain: he's letting Bludd know that the gulag is being shut down, the new Cobra Commander having no interest in the prisoners kept there. As Major Bludd watches the prisoners being executed by Crimson Guardsmen in disbelief, Tomax informs him that he's being reassigned to the Golden Triangle in South-East Asia; though Bludd is concerned that it'll interfere with his business there, he's actually being put in charge of the entire region, something that cheers Bludd immensely.

In a Cobra hangar, Serpentor and Crystal Ball discuss the new, more aggressive policies of their Commander. Serpentor is concerned that their position as advisors will become more difficult, but Crystal Ball believes that their new leader is fundamentally the same as any man; they are interrupted by the Baroness, who takes Serpentor to speak with the Commander. As they arrive, the Baroness is instructed to increase production of chemical weapons in Mexico, and Serpentor is ordered to hugely step up the Coil's recruitment in Asia, the Commander being unimpressed with the single Nest that has been opened in Singapore. Climbing up onto the top of a HISS tank, Cobra Commander prepares to begin a new era...

Featured characters[edit | edit source]

Characters in italic text appear only in flashbacks. (Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"This one here was the hostile. What about this one? She with him?"
"No. Not her. She's G.I. Joe."

-G.I. Joe soldiers, on Chameleon.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • As the last issue released before the "Cobra Command" storyline, this issue mostly serves to wrap up plot threads and lead in to the crossover.

Continuity notes[edit | edit source]

Errors[edit | edit source]

  • Erika Le Tene's name is misspelt "La Tene" on page 15.

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