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AM 2 Colditz.jpg

Colditz is a German mercenary.


Colditz once had a job with the future doorman of the Chateau at Little Bazeley by the Sea. They spent a summer as lovers, dreaming of one day ruling England. Out of the Way

Colditz was later hired by Doctor X to set up a fake separatist uprising in Guernsey, which was apparently foiled by Action Man. Colditz soon met with Storm Shadow, who told him nobody bore him ill will about Guernsey and invited him to Doctor X's Chateau. After the ninja disappeared, Action Man, who was spying on the two's conversation, leap into battle with Colditz. The mercenary held his own, till Action Man forced him into a pool, causing a device he planted on him to electrocute Colditz and take him out of commission. England, Half English

Colditz was taken into Action Man Programme custody and Action Man was sent disguised as Colditz to infiltrate the Chateau. His failure to recognize the doorman, Colditz's former lover, set off the alarms and blew his cover. Out of the Way