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Cooper's Mill was a seemingly idyllic Californian town. It seems to have been relatively close to Pismo Beach and Vandenberg Air Force Base.

It has since been burned to the ground.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Darby Mason grew up in Cooper's Mill, Earthfall: Part One and often ventured to the nearby Blind-Eye Cave. Earthfall: Part Two

While she was away in the Green Zone, the entire population of the town was replaced with Dire Wraiths. In a highly unusual move however, the Wraiths assimilated the entire town replacing everything from the trees, Earthfall: Part One to the laptops. Earthfall: Part Two

In 2016, Rom arrived on Earth and detected an overwhelming Wraith signature in Cooper's Mill. Landing he turned his Analyzer into its more extensive form to get a clearer reading. Elsewhere Darby had returned from duty and took a walk with her "family" in Mantlo Park who tried to assimilate her. Rom's Analyzer led him to her and after some initial mistrust, the two fled the park. Earthfall: Part One

While taking a brief respite at Darby's house so that she could retrieve a memento of her family, the entire town (bar Darby's house) came to life and tried to capture the two. In response, Rom set his Neutralizer to its ultimate setting and razed the entire town (again bar Darby's house). Earthfall: Part Two The destruction was blamed on a faulty gas line with most dismissing the YouTube videos of Rom prior to the town's destruction as nothing more than a sub-par CGI hoax. Earthfall: Part Four

Before leaving to track down the Dire Wraith posing as General Joe Colton, Field Test Rom left the infected Camilla Byers in Darby's old house. He got distracted however and by the time he returned, the United States Military had sealed off the town. The recently arrived Livia and Orphion finally caught up with Rom in Cooper's Mill. Reinforcements, Part 1 After halting Camilla's infection, the three Knights abandoned the town to compare notes.

The military retrieved several corpses in the town and performed genetic tests on them. Much to the horror of Leonard Song, the corpses all read as having Human DNA. Convinced that Rom was a threat to mankind, he devoted himself to finding a way to assume remote control of the Space Knight's armor. Reinforcements, Part 3

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