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True to his name, the Croc Master is the proud and caring owner of a wide variety of alligators and crocodiles. So caring that he's taken to defending his animals' natural habitats against any who would intrude upon them, often making sure his pets are well-fed in the process. A misanthropic eco-terrorist, Croc Master has little love for the less environmentally conscious branches of Cobra but has nevertheless joined the organization, having found a place to belong in the form of The Coil.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

The boy who would one day become the Croc Master was born in the Florida Everglades to an alligator farmer who called himself the "Croc Master". The boy's early life was filled with abuse at the hands of his father, who had killed the boy's mother when he was very young and essentially treated him as slave labor. Despite the abuse he suffered, the boy still found some fulfillment in taking care of his father's alligators and spending time among the few crocodiles he kept to justify his name. As the boy became a teenager, he returned home one day to find a crocodile he'd been raising had been killed by his father due to a visitor to the farm being interested in buying it's skin. Enraged by this, the boy knocked his father in with the alligators, allowing them to eat him alive. When the visitor to the farm returned, the boy (having now taken on the moniker of Croc Master) killed and fed him to the animals as well. Uninterested in selling his pets, Croc Master turned to crime to support himself and his pets, acting as a go-between for drug trafficking.

Once he'd earned enough money, Croc Master became an eco-terrorist, fiercely protecting the everglades and the animals that inhabited it against land developers, poachers, and even licensed hunters. Among the developers Croc Master attacked was Extensive Enterprises, something that earned him a visit from the company's co-CEO Xamot Paoli. While Xamot was more interested in killing Croc Master, others within Cobra thought his skills could come in handy for the organization and sent Paoli to extend an invitation. Though Croc Master was quick to refuse the invitation of a "corporate vulture", fellow Cobra member Venomous Maximus quickly interjected and offered another pitch, relating to Croc Master's hatred of corporations and humanity in general before inviting him to join The Coil by promising that they could help him kill plenty of people. Croc Master proved to be much more responsive to Venomous' pitch and joined The Coil despite not sharing any of the organization's religious beliefs. Green Dreams

When a meeting of Cobra High Command was called at a Russian manor, Croc Master was invited and stayed in the catacombs beneath the mansion's east wing with his crocodiles. With him having already fed his adjunct to his pets, Erika Le Tene was sent to inform him his presence was required at that night's first arrangement banquet. When she gave him the news, he refused, saying he didn't like leaving his pets alone. Forked Tongue Croc Master ran into Erika next when she tried to make an escape from the manor through the sewers, cutting her off and delivering a warning to turn back. When she refused, Croc Master shot her with a harpoon gun and prepared to let his pets feast on her before she suddenly opened fire on him, hitting him and his crocs multiple times. Fangs

Croc Master survived being shot by Erika, and was sent to Ecuador by the Baroness based on intelligence from unintentional Cobra mole Breaker. When a G.I. Joe team led by Sawed-Off was ambushed by Lampreys, Sawed-Off and Knuckles fled into the water, but were killed by Croc Master's alligators. The Croc Master later contacted the Baroness to inform her of their success. Cobra vol. 2 #2

Croc Master was part of the Cobra team that invaded and took over the town of Warrenton, Ohio, his specific role in the operation involving breaking into the office of a local politician and allowing his crocodiles to devour him. Homefront Part 2 When G.I. Joe made their move on the mall Cobra was using as a base, Croc Master found and confronted Roadblock as he found the cells where citizens who refused to bow to Cobra were being held. Homefront Part 4 While his crocodiles quickly overwhelmed the Joe with their surprising speed, Roadblock shot a pipe connected to the ice rink coolant system, spraying the crocs with liquid nitrogen and killing them. Flying into a rage, Croc Master jumped and began beating on the Joe, leading to a lengthy fist fight between the two that only ended when Croc Master was suckerpunched while distracted by the sudden detonation of the explosives Cobra had planted throughout the town. Homefront Part 5

Years later, after Cobra had fallen and been rebuilt with Baroness as their new Commander, a much more verbose Croc Master was brought into the organization and contested her decision to bring Raptor in as well, finding his assertion that dinosaurs had more in common with birds than reptiles ridiculous. M.A.S.K.: First Strike TFWikiFavicon.png

After a G.I. Joe team made their move on Cobra's base in the North Pole, Croc Master and Raptor were dispatched to deal with the intruders. Having still not settled their disagreement, the two continued loudly arguing about the genealogy of dinosaurs, allowing the Joes to hear them coming and set up an ambush. However, they had a trick up their sleeve and called a pair of unfrozen dinosaurs to come deal with the Joes! After Spirit destroyed the dino's mind control devices, Croc Master and Raptor fled by calling a pterodactyl to come pick them up. Scarlett's Strike Force #2 TFWikiFavicon.png

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