Crush Depth, Part 3

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G.I. Joe: Special Missions #3
Scarlett punches a shark in this one and it's all downhill from there.
"Crush Depth, Part 3"
Publisher IDW Publishing
First published May 15, 2013
Cover date May 2013
Written by Chuck Dixon
Art by Paul Gulacy
Colors by Aburtov
Letters by Shawn Lee
Editor John Barber and Carlos Guzman
Chronology Before "Homefront"

Baroness' crew begins turning against her while G.I. Joe changes their mission.


As the crew of the Argo Vidale brings up the first container from the sea, the stormy weather and choppy waters cause the crane operator to lose control. As the container comes crashing onto the deck, the doors are busted open upon impact, revealing billions upon billions of dollars within! Already thoroughly unhappy with the sloppy job they did bringing the containers up, Baroness orders the crew to secure the container and shut the doors before warning them not to even think about helping themselves to the cash. Captain Bekuna implies to the Baroness that he's going to ask for a bigger cut now that he knows exactly what kind of riches their dealing with, but she refuses to pay him a cent more than the already agreed upon sum.

With the weather only getting worse, Baroness and Bekuna call the Sting Raiders back up to the surface. Inside the safety of their storage container, Mainframe can hear the subs moving away from them and wonders if they could be done with the salvage op already. Scarlett meanwhile gets the sense that she and Mains aren't as alone as they think. Just then, a shark bursts out from beneath the water and Scarlett immediately gives it a strong, 1-2 punch to the snout, scaring the maneater off. Back aboard the submarine, Torpedo is beginning to worry Scarlett and Mainframe have been gone for too long, though Deep Six tries to allay his fears. Just then, the two swim right past the sub's cockpit. Having reached a maximum depth of 700 feet, both of them are going to need at least 8 hours in decompression, meaning the mission clock either needs to be moved back or Scarlett is going to have to sit this one out. None too pleased with this, Scarlett has Deep Six get her in touch with the Manatee so she can put together a plan with Dial-Tone.

In London, Sir Anthony is put back in touch with his grandchildren, who are safe and sound now that they've been rescued by The Coil. Thanking Serpentor for his help, Anthony is then reminded about the deal he made with the cult leader. With Serpentor threatening to not return the children to him unless he holds up his end of the bargain, Sir Anthony tells him that he gave the Baroness access to the Argo Vidale in exchange for his grandchildren's safety. Satisfied, Serpentor returns Mia and Thomas to their grandfather and informs Cobra Commander that he's figured out what Baroness is up to and is currently sending a planeload of soldiers to kill her and retrieve the Neptune Bonanza's sunken loot.

Meanwhile, the Argo Vidale's crew confronts Baroness over their payment, wanting a bigger cut of the considerable amount of loot they're hauling up. When one of them gets a bit more openly threatening towards her, Baroness doesn't hesitate to put a bullet in him and asks whether anybody else wants to get greedy. As they continue hauling up more containers, the storm causes one of the containers to swing into the ship's bridge where Baroness is standing with Bekuna, nearly killing her. Doubting that this was an accident, Baroness' suspicion pans out that night when the crew stages an open mutiny against her, storming into her room with guns and attempting to kill her!

Still in decompression, Scarlett addresses a team she's sending to the Argo Vidale over video. Since salvaging the sunken treasure themselves is no longer a feasible plan, the Joes are now going to be using modified laser painters to coat the cash with an EMP signature that will allow them to track the money wherever it goes, thus giving them a valuable intelligence asset against Cobra. Heading towards the Vidale aboard inflatable rafts, the journey is quite difficult, with Dial-Tone almost drowning when she gets thrown overboard. Once in sight of the salvage vessel though, an optimistic Topside notes that the ship appears unarmed and no escorts and hopes that this will mean a smooth operation. Little does he suspect that The Coil's soldiers have just jumped from their transport plane and are closing in on the Argo as well...

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