Crush Depth, Part 4

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G.I. Joe: Special Missions #4
Do you just hate comics where it's easy to parse what the hell is going on? Boy, do we have a comic for you!
"Crush Depth, Part 4"
Publisher IDW Publishing
First published July 3, 2013
Cover date June 2013
Written by Chuck Dixon
Art by Paul Gulacy
Colors by Aburtov
Letters by Shawn Lee
Editor John Barber and Carlos Guzman
Chronology Before "Homefront"

It's chaos on the stormy seas as G.I. Joe walks into the middle of a shootout between the Argo Vidale crew, Baroness, and the Coil!


As they make their approach on the Argo Vidale, the G.I. Joe Special Missions unit hears an ill omen as the sound of gunfire rings out from the boat. Unbeknownst to them, the crew hired by the Baroness has begun mutinying against her after discovering just what they were salvaging. Fortunately, Beachhead reports that they seem to be boarding a section of the boat that is unguarded at the moment, but Tripwire is hesitant to start getting too comfortable. After all, Joe missions rarely ever go as planned. To his point, soldiers of The Coil have begun hitting the water after skydiving out of their transport plane, intent on killing Baroness and taking the salvaged loot for themselves...

The Joes split off into two teams. As one group, led by Dial-Tone, sneaks through the cargo containers, Scarlett radios in from decompression aboard the submarine to check up on the mission. As Dial-Tone hangs up on her commander, frustrated by her trying to run the mission from afar, the Joes suddenly encounter a few of the ship's crew and engage them in a brief firefight. Deducing that they and Cobra must have had some kind of falling out, Tripwire hopes that them fighting each other will give their team enough cover to get in and out quietly. Meanwhile, the other team has started finding the containers full of cash and begin marking them. However, they're spotted by Coil soldiers, who manage to gun down Tanglefoot before Ripcord takes them out with a grenade.

Jumping onto one of the Sting Raider subs, Baroness spots some of the Coil soldiers emerging from the water and rages against that sanctimonious fool Serpentor as she lets them take care of the mutineers pursuing her before dropping the sub atop them. However, she discovers the rafts the Joes used to approach the Vidale and abandons the Sting Raider before killing Topside, who was left behind to guard them. With the storm getting even worse and tossing the ship around even more (especially after Captain Bekuna is gunned down by the Coil) and their mission complete, the Joes decide to get the hell out of dodge but return to find that their transportation is gone! Just then, a gigantic tidal wave forms on the horizon and the Vidale crashes right into it...

Meanwhile aboard the submarine, Deep Six and Torpedo see through sonar that some ship in the distance is sinking, which Scarlett deduces can only be the Argo Vidale. Ordered to surface so they can rescue the others, Deep Six initially refuses since she and Mainframe still need time to decompress but he relents when Scarlett insists the point, refusing to leave her fellow Joes to drown in the stormy sea. As the survivors of the Vidale mission gather together in the ocean and take comfort in, if their fate is to drown, they at least managed to send a bunch of Cobra soldiers to the bottom of the sea with them, they're overjoyed to see the submarine approach them.

Meanwhile, Baroness is stranded in the middle of the ocean for two days before she finally sees a helicopter and shoots a flare to draw it's attention... and for better or worse, it's a Cobra transport...

Featured characters[edit]

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G.I. Joe Cobra Others


"Mutiny against me, you dogs? ME? I offer you more cash than you idiots have ever seen! In your worthless lives! And you wanted it all. Now you get nothing. Nothing but sweet oblivion."

-Baroness rages against her mutinous crew.

"Coil markings. Damn that Serpentor... That sanctimonious charlatan is playing up to the Commander to elevate himself and his idiotic band of zealots in the Cobra hierarchy. Thinks he'll take the money and my head... I'll see he gets neither! FAREWELL, FOOLS! Stay and kill one another! The Baroness bids you à bientôt. May the seas run red with your blood!"

-Baroness gets all dramatic as she makes her escape.



  • Baroness did... what exactly to get back in Cobra's good graces enough that they'd rescue her and not leave her to drown in this story arc?

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