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Though Cryotek fancies himself a Spectral Knight of strong principles, if the going gets tough, those principles get going. He possesses the Bear Totem Animal and wields a special triple-headed mace.


When the Visionaries splintered, Cryotek joined the Spectral Knights and managed to escape Prysmos when the planet was torn apart. In 2018, he came to inhabit New Prysmos on Cybertron but declined to take part in the meeting regarding the Cybertronians deeming the whole affair to be "shameful". Schismatic TFWikiFavicon.png

After Leoric had been chased out of New Prysmos, Cryotek was left in command of the remainder of the Spectral Knights and fell under Virulina's thrall, pledging his loyalty to the Darkling Lords. After donning Darkling armor, Cryotek served as guard to Virulina during her torture of Waspinator. When Arzon broke into the city, he came face to face with Cryotek, both men now having nothing but contempt for the other, and they came to blows. The fighting was interrupted when Virulina arrived on the magically mutated Waspinator. Desperate Measures TFWikiFavicon.png


  • After the initial run of Visionaries, Cryotek's name would see reuse in Transformers as a Predacon and several alternate versions of that character. Despite the name's origins, however, all Cybertronian versions of Cryotek were evil.

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