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A Dire Wraith Sorcerer, D'rge has been on Earth for years awaiting the arrival of the Space Knights. Though some may think he talks too much when he should be executing foes, D'rge knows that knowledge is power and is willing to play the long game to achieve his goals. He's seemingly of a very high rank as he reports to the Absence itself.

He lives in a lighthouse. Weirdo.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

D'rge learned, or was part, of a "debacle" Tellus-5, where a false sighting of Rom was reported. Earthfall: Part Three After arriving on Earth, he read the New Testament. Though he didn't think much of humanity's habit of looking to dusty tomes for guidance, he did find a few good quotes. Reinforcements, Part 2

Shortly after Rom had arrived on Earth, a woman called Camilla Byers had become infected by a Wraith, Earthfall: Prelude and a squad of Wraith Stalkers was sent after her. Earthfall: Part One D'rge was part of a squad aboard a U.S. military truck to confirm that this was Rom and that the Wraiths had succeeded in hiding from his Analyzer. Earthfall: Part Three

The squad arrived soon after Rom had slain the Stalkers and prepared to slay Byers. When the Wraiths disembarked, Rom scanned them but when they all read as human, he lowered his guard, allowing D'rge the time he needed to harness his magic and trap both Rom and Camilla in eldritch energy. Earthfall: Part Two

As he had the two suspended, D'rge mocked the shortsightedness and bloodlust of the Solstar Order while also commenting on how unusual it was that Rom was travelling alone as Space Knights always travelled in pairs. Despite his minions insisting that Rom should be killed immediately, D'rge tried to use his magic to strip Rom's armor from his flesh. He may well have succeeded were it not Camilla calling him a monster which prompted him to telepathically show her the history of the Dire Wraiths on Earth, claiming to be refugees driven from their home and only wanting to survive and prepared to accelerate her Wraith conversion before Rom managed to use this distraction to re-channel his Neutralizer into his Analyzer and slay a soldier. D'rge shapeshifted into a shrimp to hide from the Knight.

He was found by a bird the next morning and infected the animal so as to assume the form of a Wraith Hawk and flew to a nearby lighthouse. Once inside, he reflected that, all things considered, the encounter with Rom had gone well as the Knight remained ignorant of larger schemes and plans before D'rge infected the lighthouse keeper so as to call upon the energy to summon The Absence.

Communing with the being, D'rge recommended killing Rom at the first opportunity given that the Solstar Order did not seem to know Rom was on Earth. The Absence overruled him however and claimed that the Cybertronians would provide them with a better opportunity to slay their foe. D'rge protested the decision citing the Wraiths' success in hiding from the mechanical beings but The Absence assured him that the aliens' power would be bent to their will and spell the end of the Solstar Order. Earthfall: Part Three

Dubosky later brought D'rge the news that Orphion and Livia had arrived on Earth. Though David was alarmed by this, D'rge insisted they had no cause for alarm. Not only had the Wraiths been on Earth longer than the Knights, they outnumbered them by a large margin and she would soon awaken. Reinforcements, Part 2

After Orphion had killed Kagan Knight, D'rge and the Absence observed the Space Knight's investigations. Unlike the Absence however, D'rge was skeptical of victory noting how close Orphion was to answers. Long Roads to Ruin, Part 4

With the command staff of both the Autobots and G.I. Joe occupied on Cybertron, D'rge seized on the opportunity, crafting a magical virus that turned humans into Dire Wraiths. Using typical insects as carriers, he sent them after the Micronauts as a test. As he and a subordinate discussed the virus' instability, the Micronauts arrived to slaw the Wraiths. Unfazed, D'rge used his magic to infect the Micronauts with Wraith genetics so Rom could kill them for him. Micronauts: First Strike

Stabilizing the virus, D'rge unleashed it in the sewers as a test trial. The next day at a carnival, he and his subordinate assimilated a couple and prepared to unleash to the virus from atop a ferris wheel. No sooner had the virus been unleashed did Rom streak in with the Micronauts and slay the subordinate. D'rge engaged Rom in battle and sucker-punched the Knight when he turned away to destroy the virus. Confident that the virus could be recreated, D'rge unleashed a magical barrage to slay the Micronauts only to find the miniature heroes had adapted their shields to resist magic. Swearing revenge on them all, D'rge unleashed a burst of light before shapeshifting into something inconspicuous and fleeing.

At a hidden location, D'rge and another sorcerer discussed the Micronauts before they were approached by Baron Karza who promptly killed the latter as a show of power. Though D'rge has ready to slay Karza for his previous betrayal of the Wraiths, the Baron insisted that the two parties could help each other. After having his intelligence thoroughly insulted, D'rge shrunk down to Karza's size and asked what the Microspacian wanted in return for awakening the Wraith god. ROM: First Strike