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While Darby Mason may not have been G.I. Joe material, she still served her country as a member of the USAF Security Forces. Unfortunately, her time in the military left her with an extreme, debilitating case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Granted leave, Darby returned to her hometown of Cooper's Mill in hopes of recovering but instead quickly found herself pulled into another war... the war between the Space Knight Rom and the Dire Wraiths! Now, haunted by both the horrors of war and the knowledge that any and everyone could be a hostile alien in disguise, Darby attempts to fight against the Dire Wraiths however she can.


As a teenager, Darby would frequent Blind-Eye Cave to escape her parents and their rules. She had many firsts inside the Cave including her first kiss as well as her first (and last) cigarette. She eventually joined the United States Air Force, with her parents being extremely proud of her. Earthfall: Part Two While in the Green Zone, she kept in her contact with her family via satellite communication, Earthfall: Part Three and ascended to the rank of "Corporal." Earthfall: Part Four

Suffering from PTSD, Darby was returned to the United States in 2016. Unbeknownst to her, in her time away, her family had been replaced by Dire Wraiths. While out for a walk in Mantlo Park, her "father" tried to assimilate her only for her PTSD to make her immune to Wraith assimilation. While she first dismissed the experience as a panic attack, Rom soon descended and slew her family causing Darby to flee. Rom soon tracked her down however and flew off with her, where he convinced her that the family she knew was long dead something she knew in her heart. Earthfall: Part One

Darby convinced Rom to return to her house however so she could retrieve a memento of her family and offered to put Rom in touch with some friends of hers only for Rom to crush her laptop (which reeked of Wraith bio-circuitry), saying those friends may already be Wraiths. The discussion was halted when the town came to life and tried to attack the two, leaving Rom with no choice but to burn it to the ground with his Neutralizer's ultimate setting. Darby then directed Rom to Blind-Eye Cave to recover his energy while explaining that Earth had no united planetary military. Within the cave, Rom opened up about his past on Elonia with the other Space Knights before he suddenly flew off detecting a nearby Wraith signature. A group of soldiers arrived seconds later and took Darby into their custody. Earthfall: Part Two

However, the soldiers were Wraiths but they made no hostile moves. Their leader, David Dubosky, saw an opportunity to use Darby to bring Rom to them and gave her a Wraith EMP weapon designed to subdue Space Knights before he sent her off to her extended family. Boarding the bus however, Darby suffered a panic attack that all aboard were Wraiths and wondering if her extended family had also been replaced with Wraiths and got off near the coastline to think. An hour later, Rom returned with Camilla Byers. The two women got acquainted and Darby hatched a cunning plan to get Rom inside Vandenberg Air Force Base inspired by Star Wars and the Trojan War. Earthfall: Part Three

Inside the base, Darby received praise from the humans before Camilla gave the signal. Firing her EMP gun at Rom's prison, the Knight broke out and began slaying the Wraiths. Darby herself was grabbed by the gullible Leonard Song before a soldier knocked her unconscious only for Rom to slay the soldier. When she recovered, she told the others to flee while she reunited with Camilla only to be horrified by the sight of Rom torturing a Wraith Soldier for information. After the three had left the base, the trauma proved too much for Darby who announced her intent to leave. Rom sympathized greatly and thanked her for her aid and companionship while wishing her good fortune in her future. Earthfall: Part Four

Darby made her way to Pawtucket, Rhode Island to live with her grandmother Anne Mason. Though things started out smoothly, Darby suffered another panic attack when her grandmother suggested a walk outside. Reinforcements, Part 2 Darby eventually joined a PTSD support group and met Ruan Sablik with two eventually going on a totally-not-date. Reinforcements, Part 3 After Darby explained her recent adventures, Ruan revealed himself to be a Dire Wraith but managed to explain that he had been born on Earth as a sleeper agent and thus did not care for his species' desire for conquest while having sought Darby out for her help in saving his true home from his kind. Reinforcements, Part 4

Darby brought Ruan back to her grandmother where he again explained his desires to help Earth to which the elderly woman gave the two a large amount of firearms to aid them. Reinforcements, Part 5 Darby and Ruan then took a walk on the Point Street Bridge where Ruan elaborated that the Wraiths had a device in their possession that could tell apart humans and Wraiths. Interlude

The two assaulted the facility holding the device and though Darby bested the Wraiths guarding it, Ruan perished in face of the security system but tossed Darby their prize: A severed Space Knight arm with an intact Energy Analyzer. Long Roads to Ruin, Part 1 Returning to her grandmother's house, Darby prepared to flee in fears that the Wraiths would come for the arm and endanger her grandmother as a result. As she experimented with the gauntlet however, it reformatted itself to fit her arm perfectly and the Analyzer activated when her grandmother entered, registering her as human. Though Darby had questions, she felt at peace for the first time in a long while, being able to tell friend from foe. Long Roads to Ruin, Part 2


  • Darby is identified as a corporal, which is at odds with her history as a member of the Air Force, as corporal is not a rank that exists in the U.S. Air Force. Corporal is a rank in the Army, while its Air Force equivalent is "Senior Airman".