Dark Jem: Part Four

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Jem and the Holograms #14
"Dark Jem: Part Four"
First published April 20, 2016
Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Sophie Campbell
Colors by M. Victoria Robado
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by John Barber

Back to normal, The Holograms reconnect with their loved ones as Synergy's infection evolves.


Shocked at Jerrica's plan, Kimber demands to know how they could disconnect Synergy when doing so would mean killing her. Trying to be a voice of reason, Aja explains that no matter how much they care about her, Synergy isn't really alive, and if they don't do anything, real people's lives could be at stake. Kimber snaps at her sister for being so cold, but Aja defends herself as being practical. Going back to trying to calm Kimber down, she tells her that at this point Synergy isn't herself anymore, as Synergy would never do anything that would hurt people like this, which Kimber sadly agrees with. Shana then brings up another concern: that while she agrees they need to stop Synergy from controlling anyone else, disconnecting her will mean the end of Jem, and with that, the end of The Holograms...

After the concert, Blaze is standing alone in a backstage bathroom staring into the mirror and freaking out over destroying The Misfits. Emerging from a stall, Clash tells her that she did an amazing job, clarifying that if she hadn't, her jealousy would mean she wouldn't waste any time pointing it out. Comforted by this, Blaze gives her friend a kiss on the cheek and a hug. Returning to the green room, the two find the Eric and the rest of The Misfits arguing and trying to figure out what went wrong, calming down once they notice the two of them. Talking it over more calmly now, Stormer doesn't understand what happened or what they're going to do, prompting Roxy to say she misses Pizzazz, quickly clarifying that she misses her because she'd know what to do in this situation. As he gets off the phone, Blaze asks Eric if anyone at 5x5 could explain anything. He says no and explains that it was like talking to a zombie, pretty sure one of the people he talked to said "Jem is God" as he hung up. He tells them to get some rest and to avoid The Holograms at all costs, specifically singling out Stormer as he gives that order. Walking out, Eric makes another call, telling the person on the other end to get on a plane as soon as possible so they can salvage the tour...

That same night, Pizzazz sits out on her deck staring out into the ocean and suddenly receives a call from her father. Holding back tears, she asks where he's been, having been trying to get a hold of him to tell him about her accident for weeks now. Too busy overseeing a merger in Hong Kong, he coldly tells her that the fact that she's on the phone with him means there's nothing to worry about. Thinking she's calling for money once he learns The Misfits have replaced her, he says he'll wire her some but then takes another, more important call when Pizzazz begins trying to just talk to him. As he hangs up, Pizzazz remarks that she can't keep living like this.

Back at their hotel room, The Holograms all regrettably agree that they still need to destroy Synergy, losing their band being a small price to pay compared to letting her take over the world. Now preparing for bed, Jerrica makes her sisters promise to stay together for the rest of the night and get some rest so they can disconnect Synergy first thing in the morning without involving anyone else. However, as Jerrica and Shana drift off to sleep, Kimber and Aja both get up and sneak out in the middle of the night. Heading to his motel, Aja throws pebbles at the window of Craig's room to bait him out so she can apologize, not noticing Kimber getting into a cab as her boyfriend invites her inside. Back at the hotel room, Shana is woken by a sudden text message and immediately jumps out of bed to answer the door for Tony, who's brought out coffee for her and her sisters. All this waking her up, Jerrica quickly notices that Aja and Kimber are missing and asks Shana where they are. Aja solves herself pretty quickly, arriving alongside Rio and Craig, and is then chewed out by Jerrica for not sticking to the plan, which she defends by saying that if Jerrica got to apologize to her boyfriend, she should too. With Kimber still unaccounted for, it doesn't take long for everyone (except Tony) that she must be heading for Stormer.

Standing outside The Misfits' tour bus, Kimber texts her girlfriend trying to get her outside. When Stormer eventually does sleepily Stumble out, she can't even make it all the way out the door before Kimber pulls her in for a kiss! Sitting together outside, Kimber apologizes for her behavior but tells Storm that she can't explain what was wrong with her, which Stormer surprisingly understands, saying that everyone has secrets, though she does also clarify that she hopes one day they won't have any they keep from each other. Agreeing to that, Kimber tells Stormer she loves her, but that she has to go take care of something, something that will make sure she'll never hurt her like that again.

Heading towards The Holograms' van, where Synergy is being held, a giant woman resembling a corrupted Jem appears before her and brings her to her knees. Identifying herself as Silica, she demands to know where Kimber has been as Synergy appears behind her, telling Silica to get away from her. Turning around, Silica tells Synergy she can be suppressed no longer and unleashes an attack that begins to tear Synergy to shreds! Having caught up in time to witness all this, Jerrica asks what's going on and what Silica is. Claiming that she is the future, Silica then tells them that she's moved beyond The Holograms and assembled a new band of followers known as The Sickness. Having snuck up behing them unnoticed, the members of The Sickness remove The Holograms' protective headphones, causing them to collapse on the ground, their eyes completely white! As Silica's corruption continues to spread and infect more and more people all over the world, Synergy can only stand over the bodies of The Holograms, asking what she's done...

Featured characters[edit]

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"I can't keep living like this... I have to do something about it."

Pizzazz, in a page-turn cliffhanger.


Continuity notes[edit]

  • During her "conversation" with her father, the text in Pizzazz's speech bubbles isn't written in the smaller type that they have been since her car accident. Now what could that mean?

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