Dark Jem: Part Six

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Jem and the Holograms #16
Misfits and Holograms together! Like cats breeding with dogs!
"Dark Jem: Part Six"
Publisher Ted Adams
First published June 29, 2016
Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Sophie Campbell
Colors by M. Victoria Robado
Letters by Shawn Lee
Editor John Barber

As Silica puts her plans into motion, The Misfits and The Holograms team up to save the world!


Overjoyed to see her again, all three of the original Misfits embrace Pizzazz. Not one for mushy stuff, however, Pizzazz cuts to the chase, saying that if her plan of The Misfits and The Holograms teaming up is going to work, they're going to need the mysteriously absent Jem with them. All four of them leaving to go get her, Aja begins trying to work out a plan for how they'll handle Jem and Jerrica being in the same place, only for her sister to fall silent. At Shana's asking, Jerrica explains that she's afraid to be Jem again, worried that somehow it might lead to Silica controlling them once again. Being her usual pragmatic self, Aja asks how any of this is going to work without Jem, frustrating Jerrica until Shana comes in to calm her down. As all her sisters come in for a hug, Jerrica blames herself for everything with Silica, that if it wasn't for her needing a mask to perform on stage, they wouldn't be dealing with any of this. Secretly, she'd hoped this would have given her an opportunity to make a break from the Jem persona and just be herself on stage, but at the same time she knows she's not ready for that yet, to say nothing of all the explaining they'd have to do. With the support of her sisters, she confidently declares that she can do this and that it's up to her to make this right.

With The Holograms gone, Pizzazz addresses the elephant in the room: that she's been replaced. While Eric is quick to remind her that they didn't have much choice in the matter, Pizzazz has already turned her attention to Blaze. Though she seems to prepare herself for Pizzazz to tear into her, what she gets instead is her complimenting her talents and declaring that she's still in the band, though Pizzazz does clarify that she's taking back her spot as frontwoman. Just then, The Holograms return, Jerrica (in character as Jem) exchanging some friendly smack talk with Pizzazz as they begin working out their plan. Somewhat troublingly, said plan calls for Jem to be on stage while Jerrica is in the back running around trying to stop Silica more directly. However, with a bit of tinkering, they find that Synergy should (hopefully) be able to take on the role of Jem while Jerrica can do her part backstage. Though Kimber's anxieties are running high, they all know that if any of this is going to work, they'll need to stay calm.

As they begin, Silica reminds The Sickness of her demands that they not leave a single soul untouched. As her mind control begins to spread across the audience, however, The Holograms take the stage, Jem belting out Attack of the Night to Silica's shock! Soon, they're joined by The Misfits and the shock of seeing the two rival bands performing together seeming to shake the packed crowd out of Silica's control! As her grip begins to loosen, Jerrica is finally able to locate Silica's system and attaches a signal jammer of Techrat's design to it. With a single press of a button, Silica cries out and begins to slowly dissipate until finally there's none of her left, causing any lingering victims of her mind control (including the members of The Sickness) to finally break free! As the three former agents of Silica stumble off stage, barely aware of what's happened to them, Jerrica is joined back stage by Rio. Though he's as surprised as anyone else to see the two bands sharing the stage, he's even more surprised to hear how good they sound together, which Jerrica can't help but credit to Pizzazz. Hugging his girlfriend, Rio assumes that this is a happy ending, leaving everything and everyone where they should be, though Jerrica still seems rather unconvinced...

While Pizzazz hypes up the crowd for an encore of MoreMoreMore and Kimber and Stormer share an on stage kiss, a group of four watches the show from high up in a private booth. One of them, the sole man in the group, compliments Jem, though another is quick to put her down. Raya, however, finds them fantastic...

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Jem references[edit]

  • It's The Stingers! Making their first appearance in this continuity, they were introduced in the third season of the Jem cartoon and served as a sort of mutual rival of The Holograms and Misfits. However, while the original three members are all present, they also have a fourth with them: Raya, who in the original cartoon took over as drummer of The Holograms after Shana left the band.

Other trivia[edit]

  • The issue contained four pages of character information on The Stingers, a band introduced in the next story arc.
  • The cover of the issue features a quote from article on the AV Club.
  • The back page is a tribute to Darwyn Cooke, a Canadian comic artist who passed away in May 2016

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