Dark Jem: Part Three

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Jem and the Holograms #13
"Dark Jem: Part Three"
First published March 30, 2016
Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Sophie Campbell
Colors by M. Victoria Robado
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by John Barber

Jerrica begins to break free as the infected Holograms' behavior reaches a breaking point.


Taking the stage for their first performance with Blaze as their new lead singer, The Misfits play their hearts out but the yellow eyed crowd is apathetic to the performance, The Holograms having spread their infection to them. Their part of the show over, The Holograms make a beeline towards their tour bus, Jerrica (still disguised as Jem) and Aja blowing right past Rio and Craig without a single word. Deciding enough is enough, Rio follows them to the bus and is met at the door by Kimber who ignores his concerns about Jerrica as she, Shana, and Aja depart. Coming aboard the bus, he finds Jem the only one still inside and asks if he's done anything to offend The Holograms. Explaining himself, he notes that in addition to their new look, they've all been acting extremely distant and cold, especially Jerrica, who he hasn't seen or heard from in days. Oddly enough, he mentions, whenever he can't find Jerrica, he can find Jem, something she finds amusing and asks if that's really such a bad thing. Rio angrily begins trying explain that of course it's bad, only for Jem to suddenly kiss him!

Pushing her off him, Rio demands to know how she could do such a thing and stomps off as Jem chases after him, eventually stopping as she slowly realizes she doesn't understand what's going on. Slowly realizing that there's something wrong with her, Jerrica lets out a silent scream and again takes off running into the night. As she runs through a crowd of people, the Jem hologram becomes increasingly unstable, disappearing and reappearing randomly before seeming to finally break and leave her as Jerrica as she ducks into an alley, begging the entity that's taken control of her to stop. Meanwhile, Pizzazz is lying in bed and receives a text from Clash with a video from The Misfits' performance. Playing it, she can only sadly whisper to herself that they still sound great without her.

Some time later, Jerrica wakes up in the alley, free from whatever had been controlling her earlier but still fully aware of everything she and her sisters had been doing. Taking off towards Rio's motel, she tightly embraces and apologizes to her boyfriend as soon as he opens the door, making for an awkward moment when she then kisses him, unaware of his roommate Craig. After a quick, confusing explanation from Jerrica that leaves out a lot of the details, both men still agree to help her with her plan to get her sisters back to normal. Donning masks to conceal their identities and headphones playing The Misfits' new song to prevent any of The Holograms from trying to infect them, the three grab and tie up Jerrica's sisters, bringing them back to the motel.

Six hours later, Jerrica returns to check up on them and finds that the mind control has worn off. Aja expresses disbelief that something like this could happen, Shana adding that even though she remembers what she did, it feels more like a dream or that it was someone else who was doing it. Aja then asks how Jerrica broke free and tells her about kissing Rio as Jem, believing that it was a traumatic enough event to shock her back into being herself. While all her sisters are horrified, they're still happy to learn that he rebuked Jem's advances. Kimber then suddenly remembers being rude to Stormer, but before she can beat herself up too much, Jerrica reminds her that they have much bigger problems. While they were infected, they spread the virus to everyone they played in front of and, with videos of their concert all over the internet, will continue to infect people. While they can pull the videos no problem, Jerrica is sad to say that really putting an end to this will require something much more drastic... they'll have to disconnect Synergy!

Synergy, meanwhile, can only muster up a simple "No." in defiance to the entity that's taken her over, who's begun to take her own form separate from Synergy...

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"Jem" references[edit]

  • After 11 issues, we finally see the strip's take on the infamous Jem/Rio/Jerrica love triangle.

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