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TransformersVsVisionaries 1 DarkstormStatue.jpg

Darkstorm was the leader of the Darkling Lords before his untimely demise. He appears to have had the Swamp Mollusk Animal Totem.


Darkstorm was one of the knights chosen by Merklynn to be part of the Visionaries, however, his lust for power led to a schism within the Visionaries' ranks, splitting them into the two factions. Darkstorm's followers became known as the Darkling Lords, battling against Leoric and his Spectral Knights.

During the Trinary De-Alignment, Darkstorm died as the planet Prysmos was torn apart. Virulina succeeded him as leader of the Darkling Lords. At some point, a statue of him was erected in the Monastery of the Darkling Lords. Schismatic TFWikiFavicon.png

Merklynn would later reveal to Arzon that he had masterminded Darkstorm's defection, wanting to take advantage of his charisma to light the fires of change. Good Men TFWikiFavicon.png


  • Darkstorm's statue is based on his original Visionaries toy design. This could imply the other Visionaries had armor more akin to their old toy designs in the past, a theory supported by the flashback panel in "Good Men".

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