Deep Cover

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G.I. Joe #0
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"Deep Cover"
Publisher IDW Publishing
Published in G.I. Joe #0
First published October 22, 2008
Cover date October 2008
Written by Mike Costa & Christos Gage
Line-art by Antonio Fuso
Colors by Chris Chuckry
Letters by Neil Uyetake
Editor Andy Schmidt

Chuckles has a new mission...


On the streets of Estonia, a man reflects on the different identities he has assumed over the past months: Jason Wright, the gun-runner; Derrick Attell, explosives expert to the Taliban; Marcus Quinn, a drug lord's security guard. But as it happens, he cannot remember who he is tonight – not until the local mafiosos he's been delivering polonium-210 to greet him as "Mr. Lange"... and then pull knives.

"Lange" prepares to defend himself, but suddenly his two assailants are shot dead, by a mysterious man who has joined them in the back alley, and a distant sniper. The stranger claims that he is a friend to "Lange", one whose organization has been watching him for some time, and who wishes to offer the prolific mercenary something bigger and better than his past work. Bidding "Lange" meet him at the Falgi tavern outside Tallinn, the man and his backup depart.

Later, "Lange" speaks with Hawk over radio, reporting his imminent meeting with an unknown organization. The general orders him to collect final orders and codes from his contact, and then maintain radio silence until his eventual extraction. With that, the G.I. Joe operative named Chuckles signs off, and burns his US passport to a cinder...

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