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This article is about a character or concept whose name has never been officially confirmed.
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Bipedal tanks: Maybe not the missing link between infantry and artillery after all.

What's 10 feet tall, walks like a chicken, has a chainsaw and a chaingun, and seems to be a lot cooler in theory than in practice? Why, it's the Cobra "Deviant" mech suit of course!


During their invasion of Nanzhao, Cobra deployed a group of six Deviant mechs equipped with chainsaws south of the Salween River. As they cut their way through the jungle, they were spotted by G.I. Joe Team Alpha, who then relayed the Deviant's location to a Thai battery base that then destroyed the mechs in a volley of missile fire.

Later, as Snake Eyes and Helix fought their way through a Cobra base, they came face to face with another Deviant, this one armed with a chaingun in addition to its chainsaw. Cobra Command, Part 2 Snake Eyes was able to make short work of it by cutting a hose on one of the Deviant's legs, causing it to wobble and giving him an opportunity to shoot and kill the mech's pilot. The rest of the Deviants were then destroyed along with the rest of the base in an airstrike. Cobra Command, Part 3


  • The Deviants are never referred to by name but are clearly based on the 2010 Pursuit of Cobra toy. However, the IDW Deviant doesn't feature the toy's grappling hook or weird wrecking ball punching arm thing, instead opting for the chaingun of its G.I. Joe counterpart, the Steel Marauder, and a chainsaw that no version of the toy has; it also sports a green digital camouflage color scheme, matching the other vehicles used by Cobra during "Cobra Command", rather than the red of the toy version.
  • According to Major Bludd, a single Deviant costs 74 million dollars. Money well spent!

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