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Trust us he's got red skin.

Diavod is a red-skinned Elonian lieutenant in the military of the Solstar Order.

He has a nice beard and is an atheist.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

After strange meteors had crash landed on Elonia, Diavod was part of Orphion's squad that searched for survivors with their group, finding Shah K'atsema. Mistaking the early stages of Dire Wraith conversion for severe burns, Shah was brought to the Solstar Academy Medical Center and Diavod brought her last remaining family member, Rom K'atsema to see her. When Rom expressed his belief that the meteors had been an attack, Diavod withheld information about the Dire Wraiths and simply encouraged hope. No sooner had he finished this evasive statement did Shah's conversion into a Dire Wraith complete and she flew up to try and assimilate Rom. Diavod rushed to their defence but the Wraith knocked him down. Rom grabbed Diavod's fallen Neutralizer and attacked the Wraith, impressing Diavod with his bravery who arranged from Rom and his friends to meet with Imperator Carax.

When Rom, Livia, and Fy-Laa had joined the Solstar military, Orphion and Diavod observed their training with Diavod saying the Elonians were vastly outnumbered against the Wraiths but that the new recruits deserved a fighting chance. After the three rookies had discovered a mysterious ore that had formed an armor around them, Diavod came to see them and assured them this was a great day for the Solstar Order. Cold Fire

In 2017, the Solstar Order detected an unusual Wraith energy signature on Cybertron. Arriving in orbit of the metallic planet, Diavod broadcasted to the Cybertronians that, though the Solstar Order had no wish for a war, Cybertron was now under quarantine while also preventing the Carcerians from teleporting in reinforcements, which prompted Elita One to glare murderously at his image. First Strike #2 TFWikiFavicon.png

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • When Diavod first appears, his ID-panel identifies him as "Solstar Order Lieutenant". However, Livia later calls him "Commander Diavod".
  • Diavod's physical appearance is based on ROM artist David Messina.
  • Since Diavod is never confirmed as having become a Space Knight, his appearance in First Strike #2 is something of a surprise and would seem to suggest that Elonians have a lifespan that can last several centuries. Either that or he became a Knight with his armor not including a helmet or Diavod has a line of identical descendants.

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