Dimensional Binding Prism

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Dimensional Binding Prisms are specialized containers/prisons that can prevent their contents from properly interacting with the world outside the prism.


After the Dire Wraiths had seized Fy-Laa's remains, Battle Scars, Part 4 they stored his Analyzer arm within a Dimensional Binding Prism on Earth. Long Roads to Ruin, Part 1

In 2016, as part of to infiltrate the Wraith infested Earth Defense Command, Rom allowed himself to be placed inside a Dimensional Binding Prism. He helplessly observed the world around him as he pondered as to where the device had come from. Darby Mason later fired an EMP pulse at the prison allowing Rom to escape. Earthfall: Part Four

To earn Darby Mason's trust, Ruan Sablik helped her steal Fy-Laa's Analyzer, giving his life to breach the Dimensional Binding Prism it was contained in. Long Roads to Ruin, Part 1


  • Despite the name, neither of the two seen were prism shaped. The first was a cubical and the second was rectangular.
  • Where exactly this technology comes from is unclear. Rom's musings while trapped and its technological nature suggest it is not of Wraith origin. It's probably reverse-engineered Transformer technology but given the chaos of the Hasbro Universe, it could have come from any number of alien incursions.