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This article is about the first Doctor X. For the second Doctor X, see Mercy Gale.
To me, my mutants!

The dreaded enemy of the Action Man Programme for thirty years, Doctor X is a mad scientist of the highest order.


Doctor X made clones of himself, which caused a situation in Bangladesh. From this, the Action Man Programme was able to obtain a record of his genome.

Doctor X used a specific chemical to mutate 1500 college students somewhere north of London. Mercy Gale was able to track the chemical down and sent Mike Brogan, Action Man, to take care of things. As Action Man broke through the roof, rubble fell on Doctor X and killed him. His death went unnoticed till Gale investigated the site and found his corpse. Verifying his identity and realizing the opportunity to change the world as "Doctor X", Gale spilled mutagen on the body to destroy his DNA and assumed his position within the criminal element of Earth. Mr Love and Justice


  • The original Doctor X depicted on this page seems to be modeled mainly on the 1995 DIC cartoon version of the villain.

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