Enter The Stingers: Part Five

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Jem and the Holograms #23
"Enter The Stingers: Part Five"
First published January 25, 2016
Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Meredith McClaren
Colors by M. Victoria Robado
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by Sarah Gaydos

The Holograms get help from an unlikely source who soon learns their deepest secret.


Having bought themselves a little more time before they go on, Aja beats herself up for not being able to see that The Fox was a spy for The Misfits. Jem steps in and says that they need to focus on solving the actual problem of not having a drummer and proposes using Synergy to create one but before she can finish the thought, Raya of The Stingers offers to sit in! Overjoyed, The Holograms accept her offer and give her a group hug before they take the stage, confusing The Stingers and frustrating The Misfits, who begin to put their plan into action…

After the performance, The Holograms and Stingers meet each other in the crowd, a meeting that is only made more awkward by Riot complementing them and taking Jem off to the side. Now that they’re alone, Jem takes the opportunity to break up with Riot, telling the heartbroken Stinger that while she is attracted to him, she’s already in love with another. Things get tenser still when Rapture and Minx tell Aja and Kimber not to get any ideas about Raya’s assistance being more than a one off, insulting The Holograms in the process by likening them to a damsel in distress.

Before either of these situations can reach a head, The Misfits wheel out a giant cake that then suddenly explodes, spewing fireworks everywhere! However, the situation soon grows out of control, as Roxy’s misinterpreting Pizzazz’s order to put a handful of fireworks in the cake as a hundred fireworks resulted in a much bigger explosion than intended, causing the boat to catch fire! As everyone begins to evacuate, Jem breaks off from Riot to find her sisters and helps Kimber off the ground after she tripped and twisted her ankle. Having gotten separated from the rest of a The Stingers, Raya finds The Holograms just as the Jem hologram briefly flickers and reveals Jerrica underneath! Not realizing that this has happened, The Holograms call Raya over and evacuate with her.

While all this is going on, Rio sneaks into the Benton residence with a cup of soup for the “sick” Jerrica, only to discover that she’s nowhere to be found…

The next day, Raya comes to the Benton home and is greeted at the door by Jerrica, who thanks her for helping out The Holograms. Inviting her inside, Raya turns out to have some surprising news: she’s quit The Stingers and wants to play drums for The Holograms! Though they decide to give Raya a chance, The Holograms don’t realize that Shana has returned home from Milan…

Featured characters[edit]

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Jem references[edit]

  • Raya finally takes on two aspects of her cartoon self in this issue: she learns Jem's secret identity and takes over for Shana on the drums.
  • In a somewhat surprising turn of events, Rama Llama makes an appearance in this issue! The Holograms' pink llama was offered as a mail away item in the original Jem toyline. (And, oddly enough, the 80s My Little Pony line as well!)

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