Enter The Stingers: Part Two

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Jem and the Holograms #20
"Enter The Stingers: Part Two"
First published October 19, 2016
Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Meredith McClaren
Colors by M. Victoria Robado
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by Sarah Gaydos

Life begins to get complicated for The Holograms as Shana leaves, Pizzazz plots revenge, and Riot sets his sights of Jem.


Having received a call from Eric that morning, Pizzazz has called together The Misfits (minus Stormer) for a meeting, telling them that as of today, they've officially been dropped by 5x5 Records. Enraged, Jetta and Roxy demand to know how their label could do that to them while Blaze is quick to blame herself. Telling everyone to calm down, Pizzazz quickly points out that the real reason behind their expulsion is none other than Jem and the Holograms, much to her bandmates disbelief. When Jetta asks how that can even be possible, given that The Holograms are already signed to 5x5 and don't have any leverage against them, Pizzazz then clarifies that it was technically The Stingers who really got them kicked, as Riot would only sign with 5x5 if they dropped The Misfits as a favor for Jem. Sensing their anger, Pizzazz is happy she and her bandmates are on the same page and promises that they'll double down on destroying The Holograms, stating that this is the reason why she didn't invite Stormer. Pizzazz then grabs a coat and heads for the door, saying she has an important meeting to attend to regarding the band's future but she's stopped by Roxy, who asks if this means that Stormer's out of the band. Pizzazz denies this, saying that she just can't be trusted with this given her relationship with Kimber, and demands that none of them blab about their plans to her.

Elsewhere, Shana is out having a goodbye dinner in a fancy restaurant with Tony, who's surprised that she's not spending her last night in the US with her sisters. Shana clarifies that she kinda already did the previous night and that everyone else already had plans that night anyways. Shana then confides in Tony that with all the stress around getting ready to leave for Milan, in some ways it feels like she's already gone and replaced in her sisters' lives. Tony tries to reassure her, saying that even if they find another drummer they'll never be able to find another sister, but even though she knows that, it doesn't make her feel any less bad when she listens to them go on about all the amazing drummers they're auditioning. Taking her hand in his from across the table, Tony assures her that her sisters still love her and says she should talk to them before she leaves so she won't have to feel that way the entire time she's gone. Calmed by this, Shana tells her boyfriend that she's going to miss him so much while she's gone as their waitress approaches them, asking if they've saved room for desert. Though interested at first, Shana immediately turns it down as she notices Pizzazz walking into the restaurant! As she and Tony quickly make their exit, Pizzazz loudly complains about the service as she sits down with The Fox, telling her that she needs her help to destroy The Holograms...

At Riot's penthouse apartment, Raya is sitting alone wondering where everyone else is. As she begins playing with her phone to distract herself, Rapture and Minx arrive, surprised to see Raya there, both of the other Stingers having expected the other to text her that rehearsal had been canceled for that day. Raya asks where Riot has run off to, her bandmates explaining that he's the whole problem, as he's decided he's more interested in chasing after Jem than he is practicing.

At the Benton home, Kimber is surprised to see Jerrica dressed so casually given that she had a date with Rio, which she explains that he had to cancel. Jerrica then asks what she and Stormer are still doing at the house, given that they have a double date with Aja and Craig, but Kimber explains that she and Stormer might bail given how cuddly they feel, much to Aja's relief. Just then, the doorbell rings and after answering it, Jerrica is shocked to see Riot on the other side, asking if Jem is around! Getting all starry eyed, Jerrica invites him in, telling him that Jem isn't here just yet but she should be soon. Jerrica walks him to the living room and sits him down, everyone seems quite surprised to see him, leading to a fairly awkward silence until Aja breaks it at Craig's urging, telling Riot that it's nice to see him again. Annoyed by his mistaking of her as The Holograms' bassist, Aja then asks what he's doing there and he explains that he's come to both deliver some good news to Jem and ask her out to dinner. As Stormer speaks up to say that he and Jem would make a cute couple (to the shock of the Bentons), Jerrica has Synergy hit the door bell so that she can get the door for Jem.

Ducking into the hall, Jerrica transforms into Jem and has Synergy create a Jerrica hologram. Returning, Jem begins to greet everyone but is cut off as the crying Stormer runs past her with Kimber giving chase after admonishing Riot. Aja explains that Riot let it slip that he got "those troublesome Misfits" dropped from 5x5, having not recognized Stormer as one of their members. Jem tells Aja to not be so rude towards their guest and asks why she'd even care, given how much she hates The Misfits, but Aja says that no matter what her feelings on them, that's still an awful way for her to find that out. Riot immediately begins to leave as an apology for causing a scene and Jem offers to walk him out as Shana arrives, asking what's going on. As Jem hurries out, she gives a quick explanation of what happened with Stormer and tells her sister to ask Aja if she wants more details. Surprised by how much drama she's missed out on, Shana asks if Riot was who he seemed to be, Aja explaining that he has a thing for Jem. Shana comments that that's going to be an "interesting" situation and Aja adds that the fact that Jem seems pretty in to him is going to make things even more "interesting" before running out with Craig as he starts asking questions, saying that their going to be late for the show they're going to. Shana then turns to the Jerrica hologram, who disappears as she states that she's really Synergy, leaving Shana alone as she falls onto the couch.

Outside the house, Aja and Craig push pass Riot, who's again apologizing for the trouble he's caused. Though she tells him it's fine, she does want to know if her really did get The Misfits dropped for her, which he confirms and asks if she's pleased with him. Though she does feel a bit bad for them, respecting them as talented musicians even if they have been awful to them in the past, Jem admits that a part of her is happy she won't have to deal with them anymore, though she also feels bad for feeling that way. Telling her that nobody can be good all the time, Riot asks Jem out for dinner the following night, an offer she accepts!

After her date with Craig, to a "super secret show", Aja returns and gathers all her sisters into the living room, claiming that she's solved all of their problems. At the show, both she and Craig had been extremely impressed by the band's drummer, so much so that they approached her after the show and discovered she was only sitting in that night but was looking for a new band to join. With her sisters wanting her to get on with it, Aja steps aside and introduces The Holograms' new drummer: Dahlia Shen, AKA... The Fox!

Featured characters[edit]

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Continuity notes[edit]

  • Kimber is seen wearing the Rainbow Dash onesie she'd gotten as a gift from Roxy back in the Holiday Special.

Real world references[edit]

  • While trying to kill time waiting for her bandmates to show up, Raya seems to be playing Pokémon Go.

Other trivia[edit]

  • Digital versions of this issue feature a "Digital Ashcan" for Star Trek: Boldly Go, another IDW comic.

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