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When Cobra needs a building to disappear, the demolition expert Firefly is their go-to. While he's certainly not above a more direct approach, Firefly's prefers more subtle, surgical methods of doing his job. He knows that the key to a successful sabotage is more than just finding a structurally unsound place to blow up, it's about doing something small that will make the job take care of itself. After all, why go to the trouble of having to sneak around planting bombs when you can exploit a small, subtle flaw in the building's design and have the people inside do it for you?


After having covertly destroyed such targets as a submarine and an oil platform, Firefly was sent to destroy an office building. In addition to staking out the building, he also staked out several of the people who he might encounter while working there, learning that the receptionist was a big baseball fan, a guard who escorted guests was deathly bored by politics, and that several smokers in the non-smoking office had set up a secret room where they could enjoy their cigarettes in peace. After gathering this information, he entered the building disguised as a plumber and asked the receptionist about how the game was going to distract him. As he was let in, he began talking to the guard about a speech the President had given the previous night about education reform, boring him enough that he didn't notice Firefly not working on the toilet as he was supposed to but instead connecting a pipe that carried air into the building with a pipe that carried gas. Claiming the toilet was good as new, he then headed to a nearby diner and enjoyed a cup of coffee as he watched the building explode when a clueless worker attempted to light a cigarette. Firefly

Tomax Paoli, who was a prisoner of G.I. Joe's intelligence unit, contacted Firefly through a back-channel to get him to destroy the computers at the home of William Kessler-Latta, son of the former Cobra Commander. Heart to Heart While waiting for his flight to Alexandria, Egypt to arrive, Firefly was approached by his fellow Cobra agent Blacklight. Assuming he was going to the same place, Firefly at first engaged in some idle chit-chat with Blacklight about their respective methods for smuggling their contraband onto commercial flights before attempting to kill him, knowing he'd been blacklisted by Cobra and that whatever he was doing in Egypt would end up being counter to what he was being sent to do. In the ensuing fight, Firefly was knocked out of a window and into a baggage truck. With him having lost track of Blacklight, he planted a bomb in the truck and detonated it as a distraction to avoid being arrested. Son of the Snake, Part 2

Somehow still managing to make his way to Alexandria, Firefly drove a van filled with explosive barrels and parked in front of Kessler-Latta's home, where a great deal of information that he had gathered on his father's organization was being held. However, while he was getting the bomb set up, G.I. Joe members Flint and Chameleon arrived on the scene as well, the ex-Cobra Chameleon almost instantly recognizing Firefly. As he took off on foot, Chameleon chased after him while Flint commandeered the van and drove it off into a nearby bay. As Chameleon caught up with him, she knocked Firefly onto the ground but he easily got the better of her and knocked her off of him. Unsheathing a knife, Firefly prepared to kill the turncoat but he was stopped when a driver hit him with his car. Son of the Snake, Part 3 After he was brought to a local hospital, Firefly was visited by the two Joes and interrogated, Flint finding it strange that Firefly would go for something as inelegant and unsubtle as a car bomb. Though Firefly played off his question, Chameleon remembered him mentioning something about the van being bait for Blacklight during their scuffle. As Flint threatened him with a knife, Firefly explained that he just came to blow up the building because he was told to and about the fight he'd had with Blacklight. With those particular questions answered, Flint changed the subject and asked Firefly to outline the building's security systems for them. Rather than actually explaining however, Firefly merely asked what time it was and then revealed that the corrosive agents he'd threaded through Kessler-Latta's computers should be active by now. With that getting the Joes to leave, Firefly proceeded to call for a nurse and got one who's measurements were similar enough to his own that he was able to kill him, steal his clothes, and then escape in disguise. Son of the Snake, Part 4

Firefly participated in Cobra's takeover of Warrenton, Ohio, storming into a local police station with a flamethrower in tow and setting the place ablaze. Homefront, Part 2 of 5

With Flint deciding to disband the intelligence unit, Tomax decided it was time he made his move and put the escape plan he'd secretly been developing with Firefly and Night Adder into motion. Keeping busy by playing poker in The Gemini until Night Adder was able to knock out Flint and break into the Joe base inside the casino, Firefly folded and went on in after he got the okay from Tomax. Eye to Eye As he worked to sabotage the building's electrical systems, Firefly was approached by a guard who didn't listen to the fake alert he'd sent out. Before the guard could do anything, however, Night Adder arrived and killed him. Hand to Hand As he met up with the Night Creeper Bet, the Gemini's alarms started going off, Clockspring having had a sudden change of heart and undoing as much of the sabotage done to the casino as he could to avoid any innocents getting killed in the building's destruction. Not particularly caring at this point, Firefly apathetically told Bet to go kill him but to make sure he joined him up on the roof within 20 minutes so he could escape. Once on the roof, Firefly took the escape chopper's controls and took off with Tomax as the explosives suddenly went off earlier than expected. Heart to Heart

Years later, after both G.I. Joe had been shut down and Cobra had fallen, Joe Colton and Scarlett recalled Firefly's membership in Cobra. Secret Raiders TFWikiFavicon.png

Not too much long after, G.I. Joe was reborn as an international organization and Cobra was rebuilt with Baroness as it's new Commander. Sent to the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg along with Ice Queen and Stiletto of V.E.N.O.M., Firefly blew a hole in the wall of the museum and stole an antediluvian bowl Cobra Commander had sent him there for, informing her that she could pick two between quick, quiet, and cheap with regards to how he did his job when she complained about him not doing his job quietly. Climbing into the sidecar of Stiletto's Piranha, Firefly made his escape with the V.E.N.O.M. agents, the pursuing G.I. Joe team not accounting for the fact that the Piranha could convert into a submarine.

Heading towards the Museum of Modern Art in New York City next, Firefly made a much more quiet approach into the museum to steal a dagger but was stopped by Quick Kick right as he reached his target. Firefly, however, hadn't come alone, bringing hordes of Red Shadows along with him to the museum. G.I. Joe: First Strike TFWikiFavicon.png Though the ninjas caught Kick off guard, they still didn't give him much trouble, but Firefly believed that the Joe taking care not to break any of the artifacts on display would lead to his downfall. Pulling out a pair of Escrima sticks, Quick Kick hurled one at Firefly's head, knocking him onto the ground and sending his Uzi out of his hand. Though Firefly was able to recover in time to retrieve his gun by the time Quick Kick got back over to him, the Joe martial artist was fast enough to dodge his bullets even at incredibly close range. Though Firefly was again disarmed, he suddenly got an assist from Storm Shadow, who knocked Quick Kick out using his own meteor hammer. Finally retrieving the knife, Firefly prepared to kill Kick with it but was stopped by his ninja teammate. M.A.S.K.: First Strike TFWikiFavicon.png


  • In contrast to the original Firefly, the IDW interpretation of the character is black rather than white. In his brief appearance in G.I. Joe vol. 3's second issue though, what little of his skin you can see through his mask's eyehole seems to be erroneously colored white, however.

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