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First Strike is an upcoming Hasbro Universe crossover miniseries by IDW Publishing, set to debut in August 2017, focusing on the Transformers, G.I. Joe, and the return of Cobra.

First Strike issues
First Strike

First Strike one-shots featuring Transformers

Other First Strike one-shots covers all issues of First Strike that feature Transformers characters in a significant capacity. For information on those issues, as well as First Strike as a whole, visit TFWiki's First Strike page.


The seeds of First Strike were planted in 2016's pre-Revolution story arcs in The Transformers and Action Man. The former featured Optimus Prime annexing Earth into the Council of Worlds as a means to defend humankind from further extraterrestrial threats, and this continued in the successor series Optimus Prime. The latter revealed human supervillian Doctor X to be working with fellow supervillains Storm Shadow and Baron Ironblood (and their Red Shadows) in an unspecified plot of world domination. Subsequently, Revolutionaries continued this plot thread as Kup, Action Man, Mayday, and Garrison Blackrock hopscotching across the globe to uncover the secret of the mysterious Talisman, an artifact also desired by the villain triumvirate.


A year after Optimus Prime's decision to annex Earth into the Cybertronian Council of Worlds, a unified Earth stands ready to join the interplanetary coalition as equals to the Transformers. However, this event is thrown into chaos by the machinations of Baron Ironblood, who leads a crusade to destroy all Transformers. Now it's up to Scarlett, Optimus Prime, and Soundwave to save both worlds and ensure Earth's status on the Council.

Creative team[edit]

Mairghread Scott, writer of Windblade and Till All Are One, and David Rodriguez, co-writer of the 2017 M.A.S.K. Annual jointly write First Strike, while Max Dunbar, artist of Micronauts, handles artistic duties.[1]


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  • A working name for this miniseries may have been Insurgency, as the solicitation for the Revolutionaries Volume 2 TPB billed it as a lead-in to "Hasbro's Insurgency".


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