G.I. Joe: The IDW Collection Volume Four

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G.I. Joe: The IDW Collection
G.I. Joe: The IDW Collection
Volume Four
Publisher IDW Publishing
First published April 30, 2014
Written by Mike Costa & Christos Gage, Chuck Dixon and Larry Hama
Art by Antonio Fuso, Tom Feister, Alex Cal, Robert Atkins, S.L. Gallant, Sergio Carrera, J.K. Woodward, and Joe Benitez
Inks by Gary Erskine and Victor Llamas
Colors by Filippo Flores, J. Brown, Andrew Crossley, Lovern Kindzierski, Peter Dawes, Wil Glass, and Chris Chuckry
Letters by Neil Uyetake, Robbie Robbins, and Chris Mowry
Series edits by Andy Schmidt and Carlos Guzman
Collection design by Shawn Lee
Collection edits by Justin Eisinger and Alonzo Simon
Collection cover by Paul Shipper
ISBN ISBN 1613779313
ISBN 978-1613779316
Page count 344
Price $49.99

G.I. Joe: The IDW Collection Volume Four is the fourth in a series of hardcovers aiming to reprint the IDW-continuity G.I. Joe comics in a suggested reading order. New cover art (of Zartan) is provided by Paul Shipper.