G.I. Joe: The IDW Collection Volume One

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G.I. Joe: The IDW Collection
G.I. Joe: The IDW Collection
Volume One
Publisher IDW Publishing
First published February 20, 2013
Written by Larry Hama, Chuck Dixon
Art by Mike Hawthorne, Tom Feister, Andrea Mutti, Agustin Padilla, Rick Ketcham and Robert Atkins
Inks by Jon Alderink, Clayton Brown and John Wycough
Colors by Mike Hawthorne, Tom Feister, J. Brown and Andrew Crossley
Color assist by Erik Swanson
Letters by Robbie Robbins, Neil Uyetake and Chris Mowry
Series edits by Andy Schmidt, Denton J. Tipton, and Carlos Guzman
Collection cover by Nick Runge
ISBN ISBN 1613775490
ISBN 978-1613775493
Page count 352
Price $49.99

G.I. Joe: The IDW Collection Volume One is the first in a series of hardcovers aiming to reprint the IDW-continuity G.I. Joe comics in a suggested reading order. New cover art (of Snake Eyes) is provided by Nick Runge.



  • On March 12, 2015, IDW began selling a premium release of the book through its IDW Limited website. Limited to 15 pieces per artist, the premium version is comprised of the book, a piece of original art by either Mike Hawthorne (for $250) or Robert Atkins (for $350), and a tray case to hold both.