G.I. Joe issue 2

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G.I. Joe #2
GIJoev1-2 cvrB.jpg
Publisher IDW Publishing
First published February 11, 2009
Cover date February 2009
Written by Chuck Dixon
Pencils by Robert Atkins
Inks by Clayton Brown and Joh Wycough
Colors by Andrew Crossley
Letters by Robbie Robbins
Editor Andy Schmidt

The Pit and Castle Destro both have uninvited guests...


In the Pit's Sector Nine testing laboratory, Brainstorm leads a demonstration of the new Broadcast Energy Transmitter, a device capable of wirelessly powering electrical machines, for General Hawk. As the test ends, Brainstorm is visited by Dusty, who invites the non-combatant tech specialist to help investigate the mysterious metal box that G.I. Joe pulled from the sea. Meanwhile in Manila, Joes Stalker, Leatherneck, and Recondo are on the trail of the sunken ship's owner, Nico Mandirobilis, and have been brought to him by local contact Nestor. Spotting the group's vehicle, Nico's bodyguards open fire, but are knocked down as the Joes give chase to the the arms dealer himself. However, the alleyway Nico ducks into is draped with washing lines, and a figure cuts one down, obscuring the Joes' windscreen and sending them crashing to a halt, allowing Mandirobilis to slip away.

Back at the Pit, Duke confronts Scarlett over the Manila mission, knowing that she received the intel on Nico's location from Snake Eyes via back channels. Ignoring the other Joe's warning, Scarlett proceeds to meet with Lab Rat for his report on the gun left by Mandirobilis's attacker. He explains that the weapon is entirely free of metallic or explosive components, firing polymer needles using compressed air, but cannot surmise the purpose of such a gun, asserting that there are far easier ways to sneak a gun onto a plane. Furthermore, the weapon is slowly disintegrating on an atomic level, which Lab Rat believes is the result of some catastrophic physical change. He has also tested the sample of dust, revealing that it contains organic compounds in ratios identical to within the human body, leaving Scarlett quietly wondering what Snake Eyes has gotten into...

Elsewhere, Brainstorm is taking a look at the mysterious box using prototype googles, and spots what he believes to be a receptor. He is very correct, because at that moment, Laird James McCullen is watching them on a video feed in his castle, joined by his assistants, father-daughter duo Rory and Glynis MacDougall. They are able to identify Brainstorm as the though-dead Physics chair of Chicago University, but cannot pinpoint the current location of their device. With that, McCullen leaves for his laboratory, even as a mysterious woman infiltrates his stately castle home via flooded underground passages.

In the Pit, Brainstorm uses his goggles to identify power sources and motors inside the box, but fails to discern any clear function for the device. Deciding to call it a day, the Joes close down the lab for the night, but as the lights go out, a faint glows emerges from the box... and then several heavily-armed mechanical spiders! At the castle, Rory and Glynis wield remote controls, and begin to scope out the Joes' laboratory, which McCullen concludes must be underground. The location still undetermined, the laird leaves to try and boost their signal, whilst the MacDougalls venture the robots out of the lab. Entering the Joes' dormitory area via air vent, one of the remote-controlled machines guns down Bankshot.

At the castle, McCullen is adjusting the satellite dishes on the house's ramparts, when he suddenly finds himself at gunpoint courtesy of the woman, who addresses him by a different name: Destro!

Featured characters[edit]

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Covers (3)[edit]

  • Cover A: Baroness and Cobra troops, by Dave Johnson.
  • Cover B: Baroness, by Adam Hughes. This piece of art was originally drawn two years prior for Devil's Due when they held the Joe license, but was rejected for use by Hasbro on grounds that it was "too sexy"! Someone must have changed their tune in the interim!
  • Cover RI: Wraparound version of Cover B.