G.I. Joe issue 3

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G.I. Joe #3
GIJoev1-3 cvrB.jpg
Publisher IDW Publishing
First published March 11, 2009
Cover date March 2009
Written by Chuck Dixon
Pencils by Robert Atkins
Inks by Clayton Brown
Colors by Andrew Crossley
Letters by Chris Mowry
Editor Andy Schmidt

The Joes must fight to prevent the Pit being compromised!


In the Pit, the Joes have been awoken by an emergency alarm calling them to their stations. Duke, Beachhead, and Rock 'n Roll charge into the vehicle garage to find a spider-robot tearing the place apart with machine gun fire, and are forced to dive for cover. Radioing Hawk in the control center, they learn the entire base is under attack by the mysterious machines, which appear to have simply appeared inside the facility, and are now set on destroying it! As the robots destroy the Pit's communications equipment, Hawk and company are forced to fall back out of the command room. Duke's group is faring no better, their bullets barely scratching the machine in the garage, but Brainstorm arrives and hoses it with a fire extinguisher, blinding the machine, and leaving it open for Duke to finish off with a sticky-charge.

At Castle Destro, Rory MacDougall is angry at having his remote-control fun ruined, whilst Destro is still at gunpoint courtesy of the Baroness. Explaining that her organisation is tired of the laird wasting resources and attracting undue attention, she prepares to execute him, and is unimpressed by his claims of a breakthrough that will allow their reach to extend across the entire globe. When Destro sets his dog, Clyde, on her, the Baroness, she quickly kills it with a knife as the laird flees.

Back in the Pit, the Joes are not fairing well, with one robot deploying a grenade launcher. In the workshop, Brainstorm shows the others the remains of the box that brought the machines into their midst, but he is now able to reexamine his earlier scans and pin down the number of attackers as six. The technical Joe points out that the Pit is not yet compromised, thanks to the base's GPS masking, but then realizes that one of the attackers is bearing down on their position. It is crushed, however, thanks to the timely arrival of Scarlett aboard a tank. Brainstorm, realizing that the machines will want to access G.I. Joe's computer records, has them head for the server farm, using the tank to destroy another robot en route. As the Joes approach, however, one diminutive drone has already connected itself to the system, much to the delight of Rory and Glynis. Destro, meanwhile, has his hands too full to join them...

Meeting Dial Tone outside the server room, the Joes enter, and Beachhead's sharpshooting breaks the drone's connection. However, the machine skitters away, and dives into a ventilation duct. It's mere seconds before the implications of this hit Brainstorm: if the robot can make its way to the surface, it will be able to leave the GPS dead-zone and transmit the Pit's location!

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