G.I. Joe issue 5

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G.I. Joe #5
GIJoev1-5 cvrB.jpg
Publisher IDW Publishing
First published May 20, 2009
Cover date May 2009
Written by Chuck Dixon
Pencils by Robert Atkins
Inks by Clayton Brown with Rick Ketcham and John Wycough
Colors by Andrew Crossley
Letters by Robbie Robbins
Editor Andy Schmidt

It's G.I. Joe against Snake Eyes, the enemy!


Above the Pit's secret location in Nevada, Duke and Beachhead's A.W.E. Striker plows through the base's minefield, barely outpacing the explosive security measures. As they approach their target, the last of the robotic intruders, their vehicle is finally blown onto its side, but Duke closes the remaining distance on foot, and bludgeons the machine to pieces with a rock. At Castle Destro, Rory MacDougall is not best pleased that their last robot has been destroyed, but Destro reassures him that the stolen science files it successfully transmitted are still a boon, and that they may yet determine its location via analysis of the local terrain and time of day.

The laird leaves his assistants to their work whilst he checks on the Baroness, who has been secured in the "dungeon" – actually a luxurious, but inescapable, master bedroom. The two trade threats until Destro reveals his reasons for keeping the Cobra there: he intends to show that his work on the M.A.S.S. Device for Cobra has borne fruit, along with the gift of intel on the enigmatic American special mission force. Promising her dinner and a demonstration, the laird bids his guest change into clothes more appropriate for the occasion.

At the Pit, Duke, Scarlett and Brainstorm debrief via video-link with Hawk, who is recovering from his injuries in the medical bay. With twelve dead and fifty wounded Joes, the general demands answers about the robotic infiltrators, and Brainstorm has a lead: a manufacturing code that points to MARS Industries, owned by James McCullen, Twenty Fifth Laird of Destro. The Joes believe that the weapons they intercepted in Istanbul came from Destro, and that the arms manufacturer's actions against them are intended to protect his relationship with an unknown client. Whilst Stalker's team continues to hunt Nico Mandirobilis for further intel on the Istanbul raid, Flint is dispatched to Scotland to recon Castle Destro – but learns from a local that the entire building was moved to Patagonia some time ago!

In Manila, Stalker has become certain that the figure who stopped their pursuit of Nico was Snake Eyes, something he is discussing with Leatherneck when Recondo returns with new intel: Mandirobilis is preparing to make an escape from the city's south port. The team moves in on Nico and his henchmen, but are attacked by Snake Eyes before they can strike, allowing the arms dealer to flee aboard his boat. The ex-Joe ninja quickly incapacitates the remaining henchmen before pursuing the boat on a jetski, leaving Stalker's team simply confused...

In the Pit, Scarlett hears reports from both Flint and Stalker, and as Duke overhears of Snake Eyes' involvement, he decries again his colleague's back-channel dealings with the rogue Joe. Duke goes on to insist that the supposed Cobra lead is simply a myth, and that Scarlett would be wise to drop it before Hawk learns of her cooperation with Snake Eyes and court-martials her. She retorts that she trusts the enigmatic ninja with her career and, indeed, her life, even as the rogue agent approaches a shipping yard aboard the jetski...

At Castle Destro, the Baroness has changed into a vintage dress, and Destro into his own formal wear. The laird completes his guest's outfit with a emerald-lined silver necklace, but she has not given up hope of completing her mission, and attempts to kill Destro with a makeshift dagger. The arms dealer, however, has anticipated such an eventuality, and fitted the necklace with miniature explosives! Reluctantly, the Baroness accompanies Destro to dinner, which he promises will be followed by a demonstration of his project.

Featured characters[edit]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

G.I. Joe Cobra MARS Industries Others



Real life references[edit]

  • Brainstorm's mug has the value of pi printed on it.

Other notes[edit]

  • Among the Joes cleaning up in the aftermath of the attack is a mustachioed guy with a headscarf, Puerto Rican flag tattoo and a shirt reading "CALIENTE". This is Hot Sauce, an original Puerto Rican Joe created by Elvin Hernadez and Enrique Rivera who was snuck into the background by Robert Atkins. This isn't the last time he'll appear!

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