G.I. Joe vol. 2 issue 7

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G.I. Joe vol. 2 #7
Cobra Civil War
GIJoev2-7 cvrA.jpg
Publisher IDW Publishing
First published November 2, 2011
Cover date November 2011
Written by Chuck Dixon
Art by Wil Rosado
Colors by Romulo Fajardo, Jr.
Letters by Shawn Lee
Editor John Barber
Assistant editor Carlos Guzman

With Team Alpha under siege by a B.A.T., Joe command have their own problems as Error 404 wages cyber-war on the Tuna.


Fifty miles east of the Bermuda Rise, the Tuna — on a course to the south-west — is still covered in the black boxes that transmit the ship's data to Cobra. While Mainframe and Dialtone struggle to find it, Mainframe casually asks his fellow techie about what she's heard from Fort Baxter, the new base of operations for G.I. Joe; but Dialtone instantly realises what he's up to, and tells him bluntly that Scarlett is out of his "area of operations", despite Mainframe's protests that "it could happen". They have bigger priorities, though, as the device Mainframe is examining doesn't just send: it recieves, and is wired into the Tuna's systems. The two Joes quickly realise that Cobra might still have access to the submarine's operating systems, and are quickly proven right when — at the behest of Major BluddError 404 takes control of the sub, shutting off the power!

In Springfield, Cobra's B.A.T. is still unscathed by any of the Joes' weapons, and is methodically blowing its way into the bank where they've taken cover. As the Joes retreat into the bank's vault, Flint interrogates the Baroness on a way to stop the android, but she insists that nothing they have on hand can stop it; Pokerface has other ideas, though, and as Hard Drive dives into the closing vault at his insistence, he sacrifices himself by pulling the pins on a pair of grenades, hoping to slow their attacker down.

With no power or engines, the Tuna descends rapidly towards the sea floor a mile below. Shipwreck takes charge, issuing orders and trying to get the boat's systems rebooted, but the bridge's technical team realise they're no longer in control when Error 404 fills every screen with an image of a laughing monkey. Throughout the lower decks, the submarine begins to flood from the pressure, and with no evacuation vehicles the Joes are headed for crush depth unless they can regain control. Mainframe finds that they may have one last resort, though; calling all crew to the command decks, he and Shipwreck prepare for a desperate final move...

With the Joes sealed into the vault of Springfield Savings, the Baroness taunts them over their lack of options, but her smug insistence that she has nothing to fear gives Hard Drive an idea; having Roadblock hold her down, Hard Drive scans the Cobra aristocrat and finds what she's looking for: a subcutaneous chip, marking her as a friendly party to the B.A.T., which Hard Drive manages to extract from her body. Flint hopes that her own imminent death will make the Baroness more willing to help, but she sticks to her previous assessment: Team Alpha doesn't have any weapons capable of slowing the machine, and there is no passworld or off-switch capable of deactivating it. Flint has a solution in mind, though: radioing a G.I. Joe bomber pilot, Hard Drive has a full complement of bombs dropped on the bank, annihilating the B.A.T. and destroying the building. Having completed its task, the bomber radios Team Alpha, but gets no response...

With as many Joes and as much air as possible crammed into the bridge tower of the Tuna, Shipwreck and Mainframe use their last resort: detonating a series of explosive bolts, they separate the tower from the rest of the submarine, letting the body be crushed on the sea floor as the tower floats back up to the surface. As helicopters fly in to evacuate the crew, Hawk angrily reflects that with sixty or more Joes dead in a single incident, they have to turn the game around. Meanwhile, Error 404 brags about his sinking of the submarine, though Major Bludd is irritated that Cobra now has no chance of recovering the vessel; still, he has killed a huge complement of Joes and taken revenge on their enemies for the theft of their submarine, which he argues must put him in the lead in the contest... but while the Cobra Council finds it admirable, the contest goes on.

G.I. Joe forces land in what remains of Springfield to clear up and drill their way into the dented but intact bank vault. One of the team is worried about the wellbeing of those inside, but Rock 'n Roll is confident that they'll be fine... and after knocking on the vault door, his confidence is proven well-founded when he hears knocking coming back.

Featured characters[edit]

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"They are programmed to dominate any environment and hold any asset pre-chosen by their Cobra programmers. Springfield is this B.A.T.'s kill zone. And you are trespassers."
"You just left a weapon like that lying around?"
"It went active when your forces visited recently."
"And how many people wandered in here since Mike team got wasted? Tourists who took a wrong turn. Hikers."
"In every war, there are civilian casualties."

Flint and the Baroness

'"We kakked dozens of 'em and took their spoils o' war! High five, brother Bludd!"
"That was our vessel you sunk."
"Okay then..."

Error 404's celebrations don't please Major Bludd


Continuity notes[edit]

  • Flint and the Baroness refer to Team Mike being killed in Springfield in Cobra Civil War #0.

Real life references[edit]

  • The Joes use a Bobcat, a real life utility vehicle, to clear the rubble in Springfield.


  • "War Lance" refers to Hard Drive's strategy as "broken arrow", but in military parlance that usually refers to a nuclear incident, and we're pretty sure the bombs dropped on Springfield here weren't nukes.

Other notes[edit]

  • After the two previous issues had covers that matched up with the issues immediately before them rather than their own contents, this one does fit the issue contents... except that it would just as well fit the previous issue, as both feature the Baroness held captive in a bank.

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